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Where To Work With Wifi Outside In NYC
October 19, 2020: The Infatuation
Prince Coffee House on Arthur Avenue is featured in this article on best places to enjoy a café setting while getting some work done in NYC. It has more than 50 coffee-adjacent drinks!
Read more, here.

Little Italy celebrates new restaurant openings, business expansions and reopenings
October 15, 2020: Bronx Times
The Belmont Business Improvement District hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the local businesses opening, as well at the reopening of Roberto’s restaurant. Roberto’s Restaurant owner says, “We are like one big family here on Arthur Ave. We support each other.” Check out the newest restaurants, like Dea and Avenue Gyro when you get the chance! Read more, here.

Arthur Avenue on News12 Brooklyn/Bronx
October 15, 2020: News12 Brooklyn/Bronx
News 12 discusses the continuation of outdoor dining on Arthur Avenue and the guidelines that will be in place. Restaurants will have three options regarding heating sources: electrical heaters, natural gas heaters, and portable heaters fueled by propane. Watch more, here.

The Bronx’s Little Italy Opens a Roman-style Pizzeria
October 12, 2020: La Cucina Italiana
“Enzo’s Restaurateur Maria Di Rende has kept her late husband’s dishes and family recipes on the menu– no matter what– but now, she launched a new business of her own.” Check out her newest business venture in Arthur Avenue Retail Market, “Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue On the Go.” Read more, here.

Little Italy on WNBC-NY
October 10, 2020: WNBC-NY
WNBC-NY gives Little Italy a great segment that showcases the new restaurants opening. Little Italy has businesses open for over 100 years – Madonia Brothers Bakery was opened during the 1918 pandemic. The Belmont area has shown resiliency during the past century and will continue to do so. Watch more, here.

Elisa’s Daily Scoop
October 9, 2020: Travelin’ Cousins
This blog post gives Little Italy another shout-out after attending the ceremony on Arthur Avenue to celebrate its newest businesses opening up. “Today was the perfect example of how this once predominantly Italian neighborhood continues to thrive and survive melding the old business pillars of the neighborhood with new merchants, some of which are bringing cultural diversity to the dining options within the community.” Read more, here.

Belmont on WPIX-TV (CW)
October 9, 2020: WPIX-TV
The opening of new restaurants on Arthur Avenue called for celebration as the Belmont Business Improvement District partook in a ribbon cutting and ceremony to celebrate the new businesses in Piazza di Belmont as well as the expansion of existing ones and the reopening of old ones. Watch more, here.

Belmont on News 12 Brooklyn & Bronx
October 9, 2020: News 12 Brooklyn & Bronx
The Belmont Business Improvement District partook in a ribbon cutting to celebrate new businesses in Piazza di Belmont as well as the expansion of existing ones, such as Enzo’s and Clinton Hall. Watch more, here.

Belmont on WNYW-NY (FOX)
October 9, 2020: WNYW-NY
Peter Madonia of the Belmont Business Improvement District speaks on the resiliency of Little Italy as they celebrated new businesses in Piazza di Belmont as well as the expansion of existing ones, such as Enzo’s and Clinton Hall. Roberto’s restaurant has also officially reopened. Watch more, here.

Belmont on NY-1 News
October 9, 2020: NY-1 News
The Belmont Business Improvement District is celebrating new businesses in Piazza di Belmont as well as the expansion of existing ones. Councilman Ritchie Torres speaks on the innovation and resiliency of the business owners in Belmont. Watch more, here.

Piazza di Belmont Showcases Arthur Avenue’s Resiliency Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic
October 7, 2020: The Fordham Ram
Piazza di Belmont has been closing the street for outdoor dining, creating an open space for customers to walk around and enjoy the outdoor eating space. Restaurant owners and workers have been dealing with the changes but are hopeful for the future. “Beckett Zinn-Rowthorn, FCRH ’23, said the community’s resiliency through the pandemic can be ascribed to the culture that Piazza di Belmont embodies” Read more, here.

This Iconic Italian Market Has and Unexpected Jewish History
October 5, 2020: The Nosher
“Teitel Brothers, the 105-year-old Italian provisions store on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, is not Italian at all. In fact, Teitels is the only existing store in the Bronx’s Little Italy, the real Little Italy, with Jewish roots.” The iconic market has shown resilience and determination to face discrimination and maintain a flourishing business. Read more, here.

7 Reasons to Celebrate National Pizza & Pasta Month in the Real Little Italy “Arthur Avenue” in The Bronx
October 5, 2020: Travelin’ Cousins
This blog post gives Little Italy a shout-out for having the best pizza and best pasta around! “Filled with vendors, mom and pop stores, multi-generational businesses, and Italian dining establishments that rivals anywhere in the world with its small town ambiance and authentic ethnic character.” Several restaurants on Arthur Avenue are mentioned in the post as well as the shops that sell homemade pasta as a way to bring Little Italy back to your home. Read more, here.

Mario’s – A Second Home For Southern Italian Fare!
October 2, 2020: New York Lifestyles Magazine
Mario’s fifth-generation owner Regina Migliucci-Delfino discusses her family history, COVID-19, Arthur Avenue, favorite dishes, and looks ahead at the restaurant. Migliucci-Delfino says, “It’s been such a learning experience working with my grandparents, uncle, and dad. If I had the choice, I would do it all again. They have made me the person and business owner I am today. I hope that I make them proud and can pass the tradition along to the next generation.” Read more, here.

Indoor Dining Returns to NYC – WPIX-TV
October 1, 2020: WPIX-TV (CW)
Indoor dining has finally come to NYC and WPIX News covers the Belmont area to see how they will handle the health guidelines. Pasquale’s Rigoletto Restaurant is featured in the segment, as a restaurant that has finally opened its doors to guests who which to dine indoors. Watch more, here.

Indoor Dining Returns to NYC – FOX5
October 1, 2020: WNYW-NY (FOX)
Pasquale’s Rigoletto Restaurant in Little Italy is featured on FOX5 news regarding the opening of indoor dining and how it is handling the COVID-19 guidelines. For those uncomfortable with indoor dining, outdoor dining will be in effect year-round. Watch more, here.

Indoor Dining Returns to New York City, but Will Customers?
September 30, 2020: New York Times
Restaurants express concern, as well as excitement, regarding the reopening of indoor dining. “Regina Delfino, the owner of Mario’s, a 101-year-old Italian restaurant in the Bronx, said that out of dozens of people who called for tables this weekend, only two reservations were made for indoor seating.” Mike’s Deli on Arthur Avenue is also featured in this article demonstrating safety measures they will be taking to ensure a safe reopening of indoor dining. Read more, here.

Mayor’s Remarks on Outdoor/Indoor Dining
September 30, 2020: NY1
The mayor discusses his outdoor dining experiences and mentions eating at the 100-year old restaurant, Mario’s, here on Arthur Avenue. Watch more, here or listen, here.

How Ritchie Torres won a battle for the Bronx in the heat of the pandemic
September 29, 2020: Yahoo News
City councilman Ritchie Torres mentions Arthur Avenue and cites Little Italy, with its “sidewalk cafés and vibrant cultural mix,” as proof that it “demonstrates that America works.” Torres continued to say, “People from every walk of life can coexist… The reality on the ground is more unified than our politics.” Frank Franz, the treasurer of the Belmont Business Improvement District also comments on Torres’ help in funding the annual pizza festival in Little Italy. Read more, here.

The “Donnoli” from Gino’s Pastry Shop
September 28, 2020: Weekday Magazine
Gino’s Pastry Shop in Little has been featured for its newest dessert creation. “With some ingenuity, Jerome decided to bring a new twist to the traditional cannoli and took an italian baked confection, better known as the “bombolini” or what Americans would know as a doughnut, and decided to fill them with cannoli cream. The result was incredible, particularly after a number of Bronx-born long time celebrity friends tried his new creation – affectionately called the ‘Donnoli.'” Read more, here.

Outdoor Dining in N.Y.C Will Become Permanent, Even in Winter
September 25, 2020: NY Times
“It was a game changer for us in terms of making sure the fabric of our community — the restaurants and retail stores — are vibrant again,” says Peter Madonia, owner of Madonia Brothers Bakery on Arthur Avenue, in this article on the continuation of outdoor dining into the winter season. Read more, here.

All In NYC: Meet The Bronx’s Beer Brothers
September 24, 2020: ViewingNYC
The Bronx Beer Hall was on All In NYC, featured as the “dauntless duo” that is “keeping Belmont happy – and hoppy – in uncertain times.” Check them out! Watch more, here.

The best bakeries in NYC
September 22, 2020: TimeOut
Gino’s Pastry Shop is included in TimeOut’s list of best bakeries! “This iconic Arthur Avenue bakery has supplied locals with Italian baked goods—from cannoli to wedding cakes—since 1960. Pass time waiting in the shop’s ever-present line by admiring the photos of famous visitors that appear on the walls, like Joe Pesci and Al Pacino.” Read more, here.

Best Pizza & Pasta Dishes from Bronx Little Italy
September 22, 2020: Stacy Knows
Restaurants in Little Italy are given a shout-out for their best pizza and pasta dishes! Read more, here.

Bronx Beer Hall on News 12 Bronx & Brooklyn
September 19, 2020: News 12 Brooklyn
Housed in the Arthur Avenue retail market, the Bronx Beer Hall was featured on News 12’s “We’re Open” segment. The managing partner Paul Ramirez discusses the support from the community and mentions their original products from brews to masks to slushies. Check it out! Watch more, here.

Estrellita Poblana III on News 12 Bronx & Brooklyn
September 18, 2020: News 12 Brooklyn
Estrellita Poblana III is featured in this News 12 segment “Estamos Abiertos.” The restaurant’s manager, George Pirgousis, gives the history of the authentic cuisine and how his uncle brought the recipes straight from Puebla, Mexico. Check out the homemade tortilla chips and guacamole! Watch more, here.

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Dining in NYC
September 18, 2020: Eater
Eater highlights some of the best places to enjoy a nice meal outside on Arthur Ave. Read more, here.

News 12 Bronx “We’re Open”
September 17, 2020: News 12 Bronx
Check out this tweet by News 12 Bronx for their “We’re Open” segment featuring Little Italy’s Estrellita Poblana III. The restaurant says the support from the community has been great the past few months. Be sure to check out their signature sangria along with their delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine. Watch more, here.

Arthur Avenue on News 12 Bronx & Brooklyn
September 17, 2020: News 12 Bronx
Arthur Avenue is featured in this News 12 segment regarding the reopening of indoor dining in New York City and the policies set in place to ease the financial burden restaurants have been facing. Watch more, here.

De Blasio extends street closures for outdoor dining to weekdays
September 16, 2020: NY Post
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that the “open streets” program will no longer strictly be confined to weekends. “Restaurants deserve every chance they can get to serve more customers this fall – and, as the weather gets cooler, New Yorkers deserve every chance they can get to enjoy outdoor dining,” says de Blasio. Read more, here.

The Return of Indoor Dining Will Not Save NYC’s Restaurant Industry
September 11, 2020: Gothamist
In this article, Peter Madonia, owner of Madonia Brothers Bakery, poses concerns regarding the new guidelines for indoor dining in New York City. Aside from capacity limitations, Madonia mentions the air handling issue and the lack of HVAC technicians to ready all of the city’s restaurants within the next couple of weeks. Contrasting the idea that people will not dine indoors, Madonia says, “There’s enough people regionally who will be comfortable going inside, that I don’t doubt.” Read more, here.

New York speeds to open restaurants for indoor dining despite scientists’ concern over COVID-19 spread
September 11, 2020: Yahoo News
Peter Madonia, owner of Madonia Brothers Bakery, is quoted on the push for indoor dining stating that, ‘this is doable,’ and that to wait for a vaccine is, “tantamount to a ‘death knell.’” Read more, here and here.

Top businessmen honored at premier Kings of the Bronx virtual event next week
September 10, 2020: Bronx Times
On September 17th, the Kings of the Bronx event will be held virtually to honor and celebrate the successful businessmen in the Bronx. Of the honorees, Peter Madonia, owner of Madonia Brothers Bakery on Arthur Avenue, will be awarded. Read more, here.

I Love New York. Still.
September 9, 2020: Fordham News
In the time of COVID-19, New Yorkers are affirming why they love the city. Andrea Marais, the Associate Dean of Strategic Marketing and Enrollment of the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, says she has loved visiting Piazza di Belmont since Arthur Avenue was closed to traffic and outdoor dining began. She says, “it has a very Old World feel to it,” and that, “it’s like Paris meets the Bronx.” Read more, here.

‘It’s a Really Tough Call’: NYC Restaurant Industry Reacts to Indoor Dining Return
September 9, 2020: EATER: New York
Owners, workers, and chefs in NYC express comments and concerns for the opening of indoor dining. Maria Di Rende, the owner of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, says, “I am happy we got to this point. It’s a start in the right direction. One concern that I have is that when they did outdoor dining, they put up guidelines that kept changing on us. We’d like to have better directions and know what they actually want instead of constantly changing as we go along. We spent so much money trying to get outdoor dining right.” Read more, here.

Indoor Dining in NYC on WABC-TV and News 12 Bronx/Brooklyn
September 9, 2020: WABC-TV and News 12 Bronx/Brooklyn
News teams covered Gov. Cuomo’s newest remarks on indoor dining on the scene in Belmont. Local diners and restaurant owners in Little Italy are interviewed. Watch more, here and here.

A Totally Biased List of the Best Foods to Eat in NYC-and Where to Eat Them
September 9, 2020: AFAR
Check out these top dishes borough-by-borough! Little Italy’s very own Madonia Brothers Bakery was listed for its Cannolis, and Mike’s Italian Deli was listed for its Big Vinny’s Favorite sandwich. Read more, here.

NYC indoor dining will return on Sept. 30 at 25 percent capacity: Gov. Cuomo
September 9, 2020: NY Post
“It should have been yesterday, but it is what it is,” says Peter Madonia, owner of Madonia Brothers Bakery in Little Italy, in regard to opening indoor dining. Read more, here.

Interview with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer
September 9, 2020: WNYC-FM
WNYC’s Brian Lehrer talks to Peter Madonia, the owner of Madonia Bakery on Arthur Avenue and the Chairman of the Belmont Business Improvement District. They discuss Little Italy’s push for indoor dining and how it is ready to make a safe transition. Listen more, here and here For the full segment of Brian Lehrer’s interview, listen here.

The Best of New York’s Bold Outdoor Dining Experience
September 3, 2020: Bloomberg
Restaurants across the city have gotten creative with their outdoor dining setups. Estrellita Poblano 3 on Arthur Avenue is a great option, with a mix of locals, Fordham students, and Westchester visitors.  Read more, here.

These 6 Businesses Have Survived the Depression, War and Now the Pandemic
August 30, 2020: New York Times
Teitel Brothers has had a dedicated clientele, through thick and thin, for 105 years. Owner, Gilbert Teitel, adds he’s never seen anything like the current situation in his entire life. However, he still enjoys discussing foods and socializing with customers while getting used to the new normal. Not recognizing long-time customers because of face masks can be taxing, but safety remains important. Read more, here.

Venerable NYC businesses riding out pandemic after surviving decades of life’s twists and turns
August 29, 2020: Daily News
Egidio Pastry Shop opened in 1912, and has stayed in businesses due to the bond between her store and the neighborhood, shares owner, Maria Carmela Lucciola. It’s been important to be honest with the customers and make a good product. One final advantage, an 85 year old oven. Read more, here.

Controversy Over Columbus Statue in the Bronx
August 28, 2020: NY1
A Bronx resident has started a petition to remove the Christopher Columbus statue from D’Auria Murphy Triangle, however Frank Franz, treasurer of the Belmont BID, shares that it’s part of the community as it was privately commissioned by residents. He adds that destroying history takes away from future generations learning about who they are and where they came from. Watch the segment, here.

NYC Restaurant Owners Want an Indoor Dining Plan
August 24, 2020: WCBS-NY
Bronx Little Italy business owner, Peter Madonia, believes the City is waiting to see how school reopening goes before they allow indoor dining to resume. However, restaurant owners are desperate for a reopening plan that they can begin working on now.  Listen to the segment, here.

Arthur Avenue Outdoor Dining
August 24, 2020: WABC-AM
Arthur Avenue is open for business, the street has turned into a great space for al fresco dining with restaurants adding table, chairs, flowers, plants, tents and umbrellas. Piazza di Belmont, the closure of Arthur Ave from East 188th St to Crescent Ave to vehicular traffic takes place Thursdays – Saturdays 6pm-10pm and Sundays 1pm-9:30pm. Listen to the segments, here and here.

Arthur Avenue: What to See, Do, and Eat Right Now
August 24, 2020: Street Easy
For many reasons, Arthur Avenue is arguable one of the best streets in NYC. One of the main reasons, is of course, the food! Many shopkeepers continue the traditional ways of hand-making the most delicious Italian foods. Read more, here.

Owner of Dominick’s on Arthur Avenue on Open Restaurants  
August 24, 2020: Bronx Net
The City’s Open Restaurant program has allowed restaurants to serve their customers outdoors. However, as colder weather approaches, restaurants in NYC are wondering when indoor dining will resume. Charlie DiPaolo, owner of Dominick’s Restaurant, would like to welcome customers back inside safely as he isn’t able to serve as many people outside as he would like to. Watch the segment, here.

The Hottest Commodity in Pandemic New York? Fresh Air
August 21, 2020: New York Times
As we learn more about the novel coronavirus, more New Yorkers are embracing the outdoors. Robert Paciullo has built elaborate al fresco dining areas at his Zero Otto Nove and Fiasco restaurants on Arthur Avenue for his patrons. Piazza di Belmont, which closes Arthur Avenue to traffic on weekend evenings to allow for more space for al fresco dining has brought the vibe back to the neighborhood shares Belmont BID chairman, Peter Madonia.  Read more, here.

Importance of Indoor Dining  
August 20, 2020: WCBS-NY
Peter Madonia, chairman of the Belmont BID, is asking why indoor dining is allowed in lower Westchester restaurants, but not allowed just over the border in places like Arthur Avenue and Woodlawn. Listen, here.

Importance of Indoor Dining  
August 19, 2020: WINS-AM
Peter Madonia, chairman of the Belmont BID, shares that not allowing indoor dining in NYC is detrimental for the restaurant industry, but also hurts the City’s finances due to a significant decrease in sales tax and payroll tax revenues. Listen, here.

Road to Reopening
August 18, 2020: WCBS-NY
The City has not allowed for outdoor dining within the five boroughs and it is having devastating impacts on the restaurant industry. Regina Delfino, fifth generation owner of Mario’s Restaurant is asking for a lifeline – something has to give. Peter Madonia, shares that during the winter, which is right around the corner, outdoor dining won’t be sustainable. Watch the segment, here.

Pepperoni in Short Supply
August 17, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pepperoni is in short supply, but have no fear pepperoni lovers, Full Moon and Ivana’s Pizzeria both share the shortage hasn’t impacted the Bronx – they still have plenty to share of the unique item. Watch the segment, here.

Bronx Power 50
August 17, 2020: City & State New York
Congratulations to the Belmont BIDs Executive Director, Philip Marino, on being named as part of City & State’s Bronx Power 50. Adapting the neighborhood to the novel coronavirus is just one of the ways he’s moving the Bronx forward. Read more, here.

Tourist Businesses Struggle
August 17, 2020: Spectrum 1
Bronx Beer Hall co-owner, Anthony Ramirez, is encouraging residents to shop local and support small businesses in their communities. The open streets in Bronx Little Italy have allowed patrons to dine al fresco and offer them more street space to walk around. Watch the segment, here.

Little Italy of the Country
August 15, 2020: WGMD-FM
Chef Bob Ciprietti grew up in the Bronx near Arthur Avenue and now owns operates Touch of Little Italy Restaurants in Maryland and Delaware, but believes our very own Bronx Little Italy is the Little Italy of the country, one of the only few left. Listen, here.

Bronx Little Italy Reopens
August 13, 2020: This is The Bronx
As businesses adjust to the new normal in Bronx Little Italy, commitment, perseverance, and unity are prevalent. Arthur Cantina, Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles, and Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue share how they’ve been coping and what they see ahead. Read more, here.

How COVID-19 has changed Little Italy neighborhoods across the US
August 11, 2020: Matador Network
When various businesses in the neighborhood had to close due to COVID-19, it was like losing a piece of our soul, shares Peter Madonia, Belmont BID chairman. The restaurant industry has turned to the outdoors for outdoor dining, which almost all restaurants in the district are partaking in. Read more, here.

Live from Arthur Avenue
August 10, 2020: Italian American Radio
Local neighborhood businesses are open for business as they continue to serve their customers. The Belmont BID, Cerini Coffee & Gifts, Gerbasi Ristorante and Artuso Pastry provide on update on what they’ve been up.  Listen, here.

We’re Open
August 6, 2020: Viewing NYC
Families have been through a lot this year, especially after Storm Isaias, fortunately in Little Italy the Bronx, power wasn’t disrupted and Dave Greco from Mike’s Deli is encouraging people to come on down and eat, drink and be happy. Watch the segment, here.

See How the Best Mozzarella in NYC is Made at Casa Della Mozzarella in the Bronx
August 6, 2020: Viewing NYC
Casa Della Mozzarella is a small Italian deli just off of Arthur Avenue in the famous Little Italy section of the Bronx. Watch and learn as owner Orazio Carciotto shows you the tricks of the trade. Watch, here.

Most Bronx Businesses Hanging On – For Now
August 4, 2020: City Limits
COVID-19 has been devastating for countless businesses across the nation. Belmont BID Chairman, Peter Madonia, talks about the impact of the novel coronavirus in the neighborhood. Read more, here.

Elisa’s Scoop
August 1, 2020: Travelin Cousins
A busy day was spent in Bronx Little Italy, visiting Arthur Cantina Wine & Liquor, which is looking great and seeing a lot of business through their website, having a donnoli – cannoli doughnut- at Gino’s Pastry Shop, and Borgatti’s Ravioli and Egg Noodles where fresh pasta was being handmade. Read more, here.

We’re Open
July 31, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Coming out to eat has given people some sense of normalcy. Mario’s is serving up all their classic Italian dishes as well as a few new items outdoors. The Bronx Beer Hall are luring people back with new refreshing creations, including the summer lushie. Watch the segments, here, here and here.

Summer Scorcher
July 26, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Even with the hot weather, patrons are enjoying outside dining at Antonio’s Trattoria. The restaurant has sent up tents and umbrellas to keep customers cool, but they look forward to being able to serve indoors. It’s been great to welcome customers back. Watch the segment, here.

NYC & Company Launches “NYC-Cation” Initiative Highlighting Local Exploration
July 23, 2020: NYC & Company
All in NYC: Staycation Guides program was created to encourage locals and regional visitors to support the City during this challenging time. For a trip to the Bronx, spend a morning at the Bronx Zoo and then head over to Arthur Avenue for outdoor dining and shipping. Read more, here.

Piazza di Belmont
July 23, 2020: WOR-AM Radio
The heat hasn’t stopped people from coming to Arthur Avenue to dine outdoors. With delicious authentic food and ample space to dine and stroll, Piazza di Belmont is a local trip that shouldn’t be missed. Listen, here.

We’re Open
July 21, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Piazza Restaurant in Belmont has opened, serving up cold drinks and burgers outside of the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. Owner, Paul DiSilvio saw the opportunity in outdoor dining and hired students for a variety of positions to do something positive for the community and borough. Watch the segment, here.

An Evening at “Piazza di Belmont” in the The Bronx at Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue
July 20, 2020: Travelin Cousins & This is the Bronx
With the continued focus on outdoor dining in NYC, the Belmont BID launched Piazza di Belmont, allowing more space for outdoor dining and walking around freely. Dining at Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue was inviting, quiet and calm with the absence of cars, and the wait staff was extra friendly with a high level of attention. Dinner of artichokes, fried calamari and handmade pastas was delicious. Read more, here and here.

NYC Enters Phase 4 Reopening Tomorrow
July 19, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
We’re just a day away from NYC entering Phase 4 of reopening. Bronx Little Italy remains open for outdoor dining. Piazza di Belmont temporarily closes Arthur Avenue to vehicular traffic Thursday-Sunday evenings for outdoor dining and space to social distance. Mario’s Restaurant wishes they were able to give customers the option to eat indoors or outdoors, but will wait until NYC regulations change. Outdoor dining remains available during the week as well. Watch the segment, here.

We’re Open
July 17, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Joe’s Little Italy has received support from the community and an uptick in business after facing numerous hardships recently.  They are thrilled to be back at work and serving slices to happy and hungry customers. Watch the segment, here.

Piazza di Belmont:
July 13, 2020: Bronx Times
The Bronx’s Little Italy expanded as it officially began temporarily closing iconic Arthur Avenue to vehicular traffic to allow for additional space for streetside dining. Arthur Avenue from East 188th Street to Crescent Avenue will close Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 6pm-10pm and Sundays 1pm-9:30pm. Read more, here.

Outdoor Dining Plaza “Piazza di Belmont” Launched on Bronx’s Arthur Avenue
July 13, 2020: Untapped Cities
Over the weekend, the Belmont BID launched “Piazza di Belmont” on the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue, its first ever piazza style al fresco dining plan. Enjoy an authentic European-style outdoor dining experience from Thursday to Sunday. Read more, here.

The 9 best streets for outdoor dining in NYC this summer
July 10, 2020: Time Out NY
The great outdoors in New York has become on big dining room. One of the best? Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, which has been transformed into a piazza-style space. Read more, here.

Ribbon Cutting for Piazza di Belmont   
July 10, 2020: NY1
Restaurant goers in the Bronx will now have more space to enjoy their favorite meal. The Belmont BID held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the launch of Piazza di Belmont; a plaza that will allow additional outdoor dining space on Arthur Avenue from East 188th St to Crescent Ave. Watch the segment, here.

Outdoor Dining
July 10, 2020: Fox 5
If you can’t go to Italy – go to the Bronx, Arthur Avenue to be exact. Arthur Avenue from East 188th Street to Crescent Ave will be temporarily closed weekend evenings for additional space for outdoor dining. Mike’s Deli and Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue are just two of the local establishments serving customers outdoors. Watch the segment, here, here, and here.

Bronx Little Italy Launches Piazza Di Belmont on Arthur Avenue for Weekend Evening Al Fresco Dining
July 10, 2020: Stacy Knows
In addition to outdoor dining as part of NYC’s reopening, the Belmont BID created a dedicated outdoor dining plaza from Thursdays to Sunday evenings. During these evenings, the street will be closed to vehicular traffic, while the streets will remain open to traffic and shoppers during the day. Read more, here.

Bronx Little Italy Sets Up Piazza di Belmont for Outdoor Dining on Arthur Avenue.
July 9, 2020: PIX11
More and more people are able to choose outdoor dining as an option in the Bronx. It’s a step in the right direction shares Paul and Anthony Ramirez of the Bronx Beer Hall. More tables and space for outdoor dining social distancing may be found on the world famous Avenue. Watch the segment, here.

Mangia! Bronx Little Italy Launches Piazza di Belmont on Arthur Avenue for Weekend Evening Al Fresco Dining Tonight!
July 9, 2020: Welcome2TheBronx
The Bronx and perhaps New York City’s first European style “piazza” for outdoor dining makes its debut tonight in Belmont. The dedicated outdoor space will temporarily close Arthur Ave to vehicular traffic to provide ample space for restaurants and patrons to practice social distancing while dining outdoors. Read more, here.

Bronx Little Italy Launches Piazza di Belmont on Arthur Avenue for Weekend Evening Al Fresco Dining
July 9, 2020: Albany Times Union
The Belmont BID partnered with Sam Schwartz, former NYC Traffic Commissioner, to create an outdoor dining weekend plan that incorporates health and safety protocols, signage for pedestrians, and temporary street closures.  Read more, here.

Piazza-style al fresco dining arrives in the Bronx
July 9, 2020: CitiTour
Piazza di Belmont has arrives on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx on Thursday to Sunday evenings, starting July 9th. The space will create a unique, European-style outdoor dining experience.   Read more, here.

Piazza di Belmont on Arthur Avenue
July 9, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Thursday was a special day in the Bronx as there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the launch of Piazza di Belmont. The temporary closure of Arthur Avenue to vehicular traffic so restaurants and eateries have more space to allow for outdoor dining. Watch the segment, here.

Arthur Avenue Piazza
July 9, 2020: ABC7
More space for outdoor dining means more space for tables and welcoming decor believes Roberto Paciullo, owner of Zero Otto Nove, Fiasco, and Roberto’s. Piazza di Belmont will do just that as it temporarily closes Arthur Avenue for outdoor dining on weekend evenings. The neighborhood is resilient and will get through this shares Peter Madonia of the Belmont BID and Madonia Bakery.  Watch the segment, here.

Bronx Little Italy sets up Piazza di Belmont for outdoor dining on Arthur Avenue
July 9, 2020: 6sqft
With indoor dining on hold, and the success of outdoor dining, the Belmont BID wanted to create an extended outdoor dining space. Piazza di Belmont will close Arthur Avenue from East 188th Street to Crescent Ave to vehicular traffic 6pm-10pm Thursdays – Saturdays and 1pm-9:30pm on Sundays. Read more, here.

“Piazza di Belmont” on Arthur Ave Brings Al Fresco Dining to Weekends in the Bronx
July 9, 2020: BronxMama
While restaurants along Arthur Avenue have already been participating in outdoor dining, a new al fresco dining plan begins this weekend. Piazza di Belmont will be space dedicated to outdoor dining on Arthur Avenue from East 188th Street to Crescent Avenue. Read more, here.

Arthur Avenue Piazza Opens
July 9, 2020: PIX11
Starting today, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is going to look even more like Italy as the street is temporarily closed to traffic to create a piazza for outdoor dining. Watch the segment, here and here.

Arthur Avenue Piazza
July 1, 2020: FOX5
Arthur Avenue is turning to a little old world charm as they plan to temporarily close Arthur Avenue on weekend evenings so visitors have more space to enjoy dining al fresco. Visitors and restaurant owners alike. The plan allows businesses to serve the community safely. Watch the segment, here.

The Plan To Transform Arthur Avenue into a 100-Table Piazza
June 29, 2020:
There’s something new to the Bronx’s historic Little Italy – outdoor tables set up on the sidewalk and curb lane. A plan the Belmont BID is excited about is closing Arthur Avenue weekend evenings to make the street resemble a piazza for outdoor eating. If people enjoy it, perhaps it will be done regularly, even when the pandemic is over. Read more, here.

Reopening Rollback?
June 29, 2020: NBC
Outdoor dining is underway in the Bronx’s Little Italy and it has been a great way to welcome back guests. The City advised indoor dining might not be a part of phase 3 which is worrisome to eateries like Emilia’s Restaurant which has already begun work on putting up partitioners between tables.  Watch the segment, here.

Restaurants Open for Outdoor Dining
June 27, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
It’s the first weekend for outdoor dining citywide. Through the open restaurant plan, eateries can set up tables and chairs on the sidewalk and curb lane. Despite some showers, many were eager to feast. Watch the segment, here.

Bronx’s Little Italy is in full swing for outdoor dining, eager for phase 3
June 26, 2020: amNY
Merchants and eateries along the Bronx’s Little Italy intend on moving full speed ahead to close Arthur Avenue for piazza style, outdoor dining on weekends. Restaurant owners are still looking forward to phase three to welcome back their loyal customer base for indoor dining at reduced capacity. Read more, here.

Around the Boroughs
June 23, 2020: NY1
A new experience can be available in the Little Italy section of the Bronx if the Belmont BID gets approval from the City for an expanded outdoor dining plan. The plan would close Arthur Avenue from East 188th Street to Crescent Ave to vehicular traffic  on weekend evenings. If customers and visitors enjoy the piazza feel, perhaps it will last even longer shares Belmont BID chairman, Peter Madonia. Watch the segment, here.

The Bronx’s Little Italy plans to open piazza-style outdoor dining on weekends
June 23, 2020: Time Out New York
If Little Italy in the Bronx has its way, businesses along Arthur Avenue will have a piazza for additional outdoor dining on weekends. The plan, awaiting approval from DOT will allow eateries to set up additional seating outside as they look to recoup lost businesses in the past few months. Maria Di Rende, owners of Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue is embracing the idea which is the norm in Italy. Read more, here.

Arthur Avenue Restaurants Start Outdoor Dining
June 22, 2020: PIX 11
Arthur Avenue restaurants have set up tables outdoors and finally welcomed back guests. The Belmont BID has a plan to expand the outdoor seating currently available by closing down 3 blocks of Arthur Avenue to create a piazza. In the meantime, establishments like Mike’s Deli and San Gennaro Restaurant are thankful to be able to serve outdoors in the lively neighborhood. Watch the segment, here.

Road to Recovery
June 22, 2020: NBC
Outdoor dining started today in NYC, and restaurant owners are thrilled to welcome back guests. San Gennaro Restaurant and Mike’s Deli are just some of the local businesses providing an authentic Italian experience outside. It’s a rebirth, after only being allowed to do takeout for three months. Watch the segment, here.

Outdoor Dining to Resume 
June 22, 2020: 1010WINS
Many of us are looking forward to outdoor dining. Ralph Napolitano of Ann & Tony’s wants to make sure their customers are safe and happy. They’re ready to get back in business. Listen to the segment, here.

Phase II opens Monday, customers return
June 21, 2020: The CATS Roundtable 
As NYC gets ready for Phase Two, Maria Di Rende of Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue is looking forward to welcoming back guests and serving outdoors. They will be following all the proper protocols, including placing tables six feet apart and having staff wear masks. Listen to the segment, here.

Outdoor Dining
June 19, 2020: 710 WOR
Peter Madonia, Chairman of the Belmont BID, states how Phase 2 will bring the Arthur Avenue neighborhood back to life. Restaurants will be able to start outdoor dining and the community is looking forward to it. As part owner of Madonia Bakery, he shares that he’s fortunate the bakery never had to close and were able to continue to pay their employees. Listen to the segment, here.

Phase 2 Begins on Monday with Outdoor Dining
June 18, 2020: News 12 The Bronx 
New York City will be in Phase Two on Monday, and that means outdoor dining for restaurants of Bronx Little Italy. With the City’s permission, the Belmont BID has plans to give restaurants even more space for tables by closing down streets to vehicular traffic during dinner time Thursdays – Saturdays and starting in the afternoon on Sundays. Arthur Avenue can become an Italian piazza, perhaps even after the novel coronavirus pandemic. Watch the segment, here.

Road to Re-Opening
June 18, 2020: CBS
Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue has begun setting up outdoor tables as NYC approaches Phase Two of re-opening. Owner, Maria DiRende, has been looking forward to this moment and welcoming everyone back. The Napolitano family of Ann & Tony’s misses serving their customers and seeing the happy faces of people enjoying food. For their re-opening they plan to serve the same specials that were available on the last day they were open. Watch the segment, here and read more, here.

NYC Phase Two: Restaurants Ready
June 18, 2020: FOX 5
As NYC approaches Phase Two of re-opening, the restaurants of Bronx Little Italy are excited to start welcoming guests. Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue will be setting up tables outside and is looking forward to getting back their livelihood. The Belmont BID is looking forward to working with the City on its own plan that would temporarily close Arthur Ave to vehicular traffic to allow for even more outdoor seating starting in the summer. Watch the segment, here.

Outdoor Dining
June 18, 2020: Eater
The Belmont Business Improvement District is looking to close portions of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, which is heavily populated by Italian restaurants and delis, for outdoor dining on specific days and times that would be beneficial for the neighborhood as a whole. Read more, here.

Road to Recovery
June 17, 2020: NBC
NYC is almost ready to enter Phase Two of re-opening. Enzo’s Restaurant is looking forward to welcoming guests back with outdoor dining.  Watch the segment, here.

That’s amore! Arthur Avenue planning to close block for in-street dining on weekends
June 17, 2020: amNY & Bronx Times
The Belmont BID has developed a plan that, if approved by the City, will allow for food service establishments to place tables outside on the curb and roadway. Part of the initiative includes closing Arthur Avenue to vehicular traffic on evenings Thursdays – Saturdays and from the afternoon to evening on Sundays. Read more, here and here.

Bronx Business Getting Help From Its Neighbors 
June 15, 2020: Food Network
Grilled seafood pasta is a dish perfect for summer, and all the ingredients can be purchased on Arthur Avenue – the closest to Italy you could get in the US. The Kitchen states the dish is inspired by coastal Italian towns and is simple and flavorful. Watch the segment, here.

The most New York films about New York 
June 14, 2020: City & State New York
With many businesses still closed, it is a great time to watch movies at home, and luckily New York is the subject of many great films. One of the greats is “A Bronx Tale” taking place entirely in Belmont – a neighborhood better known as the Little Italy of the Bronx – where the film’s writer and star Chazz Palminteri grew up. Read more, here.

Bronx Business Getting Help From Its Neighbors 
June 13, 2020: NY1
After being looted and vandalized, a GoFundMe has been set up by the landlord of Joe’s Little Italy Pizza on East 187th Street. The owner, Chris Castelan feels grateful and is keeping positive. He is happy he can continue doing what he loves – making pizza for the community. Watch the segment, here.

We’re Open – Joe’s Little Italy Pizza 
June 12, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Joe’s Little Italy Pizza on East 187th Street has had a challenging 2020, first with dealing with business challenges due to coronavirus and most recently with vandalism. However, owner Chris Castelan, continues to look on the bright side of things.With his landlord, a colorful mural has been painted on plywood, by artist Cope, so the community can see something beautiful instead of a boarded up store. Watch the segment, here.

Residents in the Bronx’s Little Italy rally for looted pizza owner
June 12, 2020: Bronx Times
Like many small businesses, Joe’s Little Italy on East 187th St has been working hard to stay afloat. However, after recently being looted, the Bronx community is rallying together to help the eatery “pick up the pizzas” with the hopes of keeping the business alive. Read more, here.

Bringing summer travel to homes – upcoming Italian virtual experiences  
June 9, 2020: Bronx Times 
While many have had to adjust their summer travel plans due to COVID-19, Arthur Avenue Food Tours has come up with a solution to satisfy the jet-setting crowd. They’ll be bringing Italy to homes across the nation through a six-week cookbook club featuring all the best south Italy has to offer. The program features cooking classes, interactive wine classes, cultural tours, and a weekly cocktail hour! Read more, here.

Joe’s Little Italy Pizza 
June 5, 2020: La Bonita MX MIX
Joe’s Little Italy Pizza, owned by Chris Castelan, has been affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic and recent looting. The community created a GoFundMe to help support Chris so he can continue running his business and feeding the neighborhood he loves. Read more, here.

We’re Open – Randazzo’s Seafood
May 28, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Randazzo’s Seafood on Arthur Avenue is making the shopping experience for customers safe. Customers and employees are required to wear face masks and social distancing rules apply. Extra cleaning protocols are also taking place. Fortunately, the high quality and freshness of their seafood products remains the same. Watch the segment, here.

Arthur Avenue Food Tours Launch Virtual Cooking Classes, Cookbook Club, and More
May 28, 2020: BronxMama
Due to the pandemic, Arthur Avenue Food Tours is not currently running their neighborhood tours, however they’re helping fans connect with the neighborhood by offering a virtual cooking class and tour of the community with MOFAD next week. They’re also introducing a virtual Italy vacation, which features cooking classes, wine classes, art and history classes, and more, all accompanied by products from the neighborhood. Read more, here.

Call to Reopen Their Doors
May 26, 2020: CBS
Restaurants are just one of the industries suffering due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many owners are ready to open quickly and more importantly, safely. It’s important to restart the economy, you will lose the soul of the City losing neighborhoods like Bronx Little Italy and others states Peter Madonia of Madonia Bakery.  Watch the segment, here.

Manicotti with Marinara Sauce: Little Italy’s Recipe by Borgatti’s
May 25, 2020: La Cucina Italiana 
Passed down by five generations recipe, Borgatti’s fresh manicotti recipe never gets old. Cook this delectable manicotti and marinara sauce as a family to repeat the fun the Borgatti’s have in the kitchen. Read more, here.

Despite Facing Coronavirus Harship, Bronx Bar Hands Out Free Food to Locals in Need
May 23, 2020: NY1
Due to the pandemic, Howl at the Moon had to temporarily close its doors after more than 20 years in business. Those doors opened this past weekend as the owners and staff graciously handed out 1,000 sandwiches and snacks for free to residents of the community. Read more, here.

The Resilience of Local Businesses: Little Italy in the Bronx
May 20, 2020: Italics Magazine
While businesses across the world are adapting to the “new normal”, Little Italy in the Bronx is also doing their part to give back to the community. Numerous local businesses have found ways to support others including donating food to first responders and healthcare workers. Read more, here.

“Back Off”: Ex- Bloomberg Chief of Staff on Gov’t’s Role in Small Business Recovery
May 20, 2020: WCBS Newsradio 880
This isn’t just about revenue and profits shares Peter Madonia, of Madonia Bakery. City and state governments should provide guidelines for reopening and entrepreneurs should develop their own solutions. Listen to the segment, here.

Hometown Helpers: Bronx Jesuit school raises $50k to supply St. Barnabas Hospital workers battling coronavirus with meals from famed Arthur Ave. deli
May 19, 2020: Daily News
Mike’s Deli partnered up with nearby Fordham Preparatory School to provide a month of lunches for workers on the coronavirus front line at St. Barnabas Hospital. All made possible through the school’s Lunch for Life initiative, an idea started by Fr. Christopher Devron. Read more, here.

Little Italy’s Homemade Bread Recipe by Madonia Brothers Bakery
May 16, 2020: La Cucina Italiana
From Little Italy to your home, a simple homemade bread recipe – Sicilian style! Co-owner Peter Madonia shares that the product needs to be excellent and consistent every day. Sacrifice is certainly part of being a professional baker, but few tasks are as meditative and rewarding as baking bread at home. Madonia Bakery shares a recipe for homemade bread. Read more, here.

In Memoriam 
May 14, 2020: CBS
Joseph Migliucci was a fixture on Arthur Ave, a patriarch of Mario’s Restaurant, where he did everything from cooking to running front of the house. Joe was a dedicated family man and will be missed by all who knew him. Watch the segment, here.

How an Italian Bakery Has Made Olive Bread For Over 100 Years 
May 13, 2020: Eater
Madonia Brothers Bakery in Bronx Little Italy, is an old-school, family-run, Italian bakery, and famous for its olive bread. Unlike cooking, which can be improvised, baking can’t be deviated from the program, says baker Jason Lalima. “There’s no reason to change perfection.” Read more, here.

Reviving New York’s Tourism Industry
May 12, 2020: Manhattan Institute 
Belmont BID Chairman, Peter Madonia, joined a virtual discussion that reviews the devastation the tourism industry has faced due to COVID-19. Fortunately, there are ideas for what the recovery process will look like. Watch the segment, here.

Mother’s Day business in Belmont affected by COVID-19 pandemic
May 8, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Mother’s Day is approaching, and while there isn’t the usual hustle and bustle along Arthur Avenue, you can still bring mom her favorites, whether it’s a bottle of wine from Arthur Cantina, or pastries from Gino’s Pastry Shop. Happy Mother’s Day! Watch the segment, here.

34 NYC Destinations Serving Cake, Cookies, and Other Sweet Treats
May 7, 2020: Eater
For those in search of sweet treats, there are dozens of bakeries still open during the COVID-19 crisis. Gino’s Pasty Shop is one local bakery that has remained opened and offers takeout, curbside pick up and shipping on their fresh and delicious baked goods. Read more, here.

NYC’s Reopening Plan Includes Advisory Board With Three Bronx Restaurateurs
May 7, 2020: Eater
Co-owners of the Bronx Beer Hall, Anthony and Paul Ramirez, have been appointed to Mayor de Blasio’s Small Business Advisory Council. 31 business owners and organization leaders will help restart business across the five boroughs by creating a reopening strategy. Read more, here.

Those We’ve Lost
May 6, 2020: Eater
In NYC, where COVID-19 has hit harder than anywhere in the country, the number of people dying in the restaurant industry is growing. Little Italy lost Joseph Migliucci, owner of 101 year old, Mario’s Restaurant. He is sorely missed and will be remembered as an individual with a big heart and soul. Read more, here.

An Italian Specialty for Spring, Veal, for Takeout and Delivery
May 5, 2020: New York Times
There are a variety of foods that can satisfy the appetite for Italian specialties.While some are easy to make at home, others, like veal, can be quite challenging. Luckily Antonio’s Trattoria and Mike’s Deli both have delectable veal specials you can get to go. Read more, here.

The Worst of Times Brings Out the Best of the Bronx
May 5, 2020: NBC
Cinco De Mayo looks different this year, but restaurants like our local Estrellita Poblana III are offering take out on traditional dishes so customers can still celebrate – margaritas included! Watch the segment, here.

The Worst of Times Brings Out the Best of the Bronx
May 1, 2020: I Love the Bronx
The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating to our community and businesses, but there are a number of establishments that have relied to support essential workers. Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue has donated Italian comfort food to nearby SBH employees, and Mike’s Deli has partnered with Fordham Prep for their “Lunch for Life” program to benefit the emergency department at SBH. Read more, here.

Where To Get Affordable Takeout In NYC
April 30, 2020: Infatuation
Fortunately, there are places where you can order delivery or takeout, actually enjoy it, and not spend a fortune. In Bronx Little Italy, there’s Calabria Pork Store. Sausages cover the entire ceiling of this specialty shop, and you can enjoy a massive, delicious prosciutto sandwich and more to go! Read more, here.

“He was a man of deep faith”: Belmont pastor Monsignor Ruvo dies at 93
April 28, 2020: Bronx Times
Monsignor John Ruvo was the pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the Bronx for nearly 25 years. On April 26, he passed away at the age of 93 from the coronavirus. He will be sorely missed by the entire community. Read more, here.

Lunch for Life Supporting Workers at SBH Health System
April 24, 2020: 1010 WINS
Through Lunch for Life, Fordham Prep and Mike’s Deli have coordinated efforts to assist the workers of SBH Health System with donations of food and personal protective equipment as they continue their work on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Listen to the segment, here.

Family Restaurant not counting on coronavirus bailout
April 24, 2020: FOX Business
In its nearly 100 year history, Ann & Tony’s has weathered its share of challenges, from the Great Depression to the financial crisis of 2008. Through these times, the restaurant never counted on government assistance, and that hasn’t changed during the current pandemic. During times of hardship, the most valuable lessons Ralph Napolitano learned from his family are to stay strong and push through. Read more, here.

Ritchie Torres Represents the Bronx from his Apartment
April 24, 2020: New Yorker
Council Member Ritchie Torres, faces numerous challenges due to the devastating impacts of COVID-19. The Bronx has currently has the highest death rate per capita, many children don’t have access to Wi-Fi for remote schooling, and essential businesses are struggling to stay open. Read more, here.

Maria Di Rende On Protecting Enzo’s Legacy in the Bronx’s Little Italy
April 22, 2020: Zagat Stories
Maria Di Rende is the owner of Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue. She started the restaurant, in her hometown, with her husband Enzo, who passed away two years ago. Di Rende runs the restaurant now while also raising five daughters. Read more, here.

Three Veteran NYC Restaurateurs Die Due to Coronavirus
April 20, 2020: Eater NY
Mario’s Restaurant owner Joseph Migliucci is one of three NYC restauranteurs that have died from COVID-19 related complications this month. At the age of 81, he was admitted to the hospital on March 31, and died six days later. Read more, here.

Bronx Mourns Loss of Two Legendary Restaurant Owners to Coronavirus
April 18, 2020: NY1
The culinary world in the Bronx is in mourning, after two long-time restaurant owners passed away due to coronavirus complications. Here in Belmont, the loss of Joseph Migliucci, owner of Mario’s Restaurant, is saddening to all. Read more, here, and watch the segment, here.

How NYC Restaurants are Helping Health Care Workers in the COVID-19 Fight
April 16, 2020: Thrillist
As doctors, nurses, researchers, and other heath care workers work to save lives, who us taking of them? Restaurants across the City are stepping up to help. In Bronx Little Italy, Mike’s Deli partnered with Fordham Prep to create Lunch for Life for SBH Health System workers, and Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue, MichaelAngelo’s, and Madonia Bakery also all donated to frontline workers. Read more, here.

Joseph Migliacci, Fixture at Storied Bronx Restaurant, Dies at 81
April 13, 2020: The Washington Post
Joseph Migliucci, owner of Mario’s Restaurant, a red-sauce cornerstone of the Bronx’s Little Italy, has passed away due to COVID-19. Along with his wife and children, he is survived by his sister Diane Lentini, 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.His daughter, Regina Migliucci-Delfino, said she will continue the family legacy and run the restaurant. Read more, here.

New York’s Italian Americans, now at U.S. epicenter, relive the heartache felt as virus ravages families overseas”
April 13, 2020: The Washington Post
The loss of Joseph Migliucci has been stark and stunning to the Bronx Little Italy community amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The change in daily life hasn’t been easy for the neighborhood as boisterous banter and affection is a way of life. The support is still present, as shown in Antonio’s Trattoria where many locals are ignoring the discounted menu and preferring to pay full price. Read more, here.

Bronx pizza legend had dying wish for daughter to take over
April 13, 2020: PIX11, ABC, and FOX
Joseph Migliucci, owner of the legendary Mario’s Restaurant was laid to rest on April 13th. In the hospital, Joe requested to FaceTime his daughter Regina, and made her promise to reopen the restaurant after the crisis was over. Read more, here and watch segments, here here, and here.

Even These Days, Take Home The Bronx for the Best Easter Sunday (and Beyond) Treats
April 11, 2020: Forbes
Although this is an unusual times to be in New York on Easter, there are still a host of traditional places that prepare for your favorite items. Customers may visit Gino’s Pastry Shop, Mike’s Deli, Calandra Cheese, Maodnia Bakery, Addeo Bakery, Teitel Brothers, Cerini Coffee & Gifts, and Vincent’s Meat Market for an array of goods. If you don’t feel like cooking, restaurants like Antonio’s Trattoria, Enzo’s of Arthur Ave, and MichaelAngelo’s are open for takeout. Read more, here.

The Road to Recovery
April 10, 2020: Straus News
Closing the city was simple, compared to the task ahead of reopening it. What’s most important to people who run business is clarity, shares Peter Madonia, owner of Madonia Bakery. Businesses need to be told what they can and can’t do, and business will pivot that way. Read more, here.

Holy Week on Arthur Avenue During Coronavirus
April 10, 2020: NY 1
During coronavirus, Easter looks very different for families this year. Small businesses are feeling the impact as well, as they try to adjust, as the usual crowds are not coming to shop. Gino’s Pastry Shop owner, Jerome Raguso, shares that walking around the neighborhood now is heartbreaking. Watch the segment, here.

Businesses still open for Easter holiday 
April 10, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Businesses in Bronx Little Italy are still open and offering takeout, delivery, and shipping as Easter approaches. Peter Madonia, owner of Madonia Bakery shares that it’s about sustenance now, and taking care of your family, as opposed to gathering and celebrating the holiday. It’s different and sad, but this too shall pass. Watch the segment, here.

Bronx Little Italy restaurants donate food amid COVID-19, loss of restaurant owner
April 10, 2020: ABC
It is a surreal atmosphere in the Belmont section of the Bronx, days after losing Joseph Migliucci, owner of Mario’s Restaurant, and ahead of Easter. Through these difficult times many businesses in the community are reaching out to local hospitals and the precinct and donating warm meals and dry goods. Read more, here.

How Arthur Ave is Helping to Feed Hospital Workers, NYPD & Community
April 10, 2020: Bronx Mama
While small businesses have been severely impacted due to COVID-19, that hasn’t stopped many of them from donating meal to essential personnel.  Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue, MichaelAngelo’s, Howl at the Moon, and Madonia Bakery have donated an array of food to the emergency rooms at a variety of Bronx hospitals and the local 48th Precinct. Through Lunch for Life, Mike’s Deli has prepared food for SBH workers as well. Zero Otto Nove set up a GoFundMe campaign for their workers, and the Belmont BID has donated to a Grocery Gift Card Fundraiser, an initiative to help Bronx residents get free groceries. Read more, here.

Little Italy in the Bronx Unusually Empty Ahead of Easter
April 10, 2020: ABC 7 News
As a result of the coronavirus, most families aren’t gathering celebrate Easter. As a result, neighborhood stores aren’t as busy as they usually are fulfilling holiday orders. What is most saddening of course, is that families won’t be able to celebrate together as they usually do, however technology allows many to come together in a new way. Watch the segment, here.

Virtual Holiday Observances
April 10, 2020: NBC 4 News
Due to the novel coronavirus, Easter looks very different to people this year. Thankfully some traditions can be kept alive, as businesses along Arthur Avenue remain open, providing customers with their favorite traditional holiday foods. Watch the segment, here.

Bronx Businesses Donating Meals
April 10, 2020: NBC 4 News
To thank the workers on the frontlines, Bronx Little Italy businesses have been donating food to show their appreciation. Businesses like Madonia Bakery, Mike’s Deli, Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue and Michaelangelo’s have donated fresh food to SBH and the 48th Precinct. Watch the segment, here.

“Dine In NYC” New Initiative to Support Local Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants During COVID-19
April 9, 2020: Hombre 1
Dine In NYC is the digital initiative that encourages those who are able, to patronize establishments across the five boroughs. The guide includes the Bronx Beer Hall, which is open for take out of beer and wine in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. Read more, here.

Fordham Prep Donates Safety Equipment and Meals to Local Hospital
April 8, 2020: Catholic New York
Through Lunch for Life, Fordham Prep and Mike’s Deli have coordinated efforts to assist SBH Health System with donations of food and personal protective equipment during the coronavirus crisis.  Read more, here.

Arthur Ave Gives Back and Remembers a Patriarch
April 8, 2020: Bronx Times
The Arthur Avenue community lost a legend this week. Joseph Migliucci, at the age of 81, lost his life due to COVID-19. He will be missed by all. The community continues to help the front line workers. Enzo’s of Arthur Ave has donated food to SBH Health System and the 48th Precinct. Although the restaurant is barely surviving due to the epidemic, it means so much to the owner, Maria DiRende, to help people out. Read more, here.

Bronx sandwich heroes raise $50,000 to help Arthur Ave. deli feed coronavirus front lines at St. Barnabas Hospital 
April 7, 2020: Daily News
Mike’s Deli has teamed up with Fordham Prep to provide a month of lunches to the coronavirus front lines at SBH Health System. This has been made possible through their Lunch for Life initiative. Read more, here.

Mario’s Restaurant owner dies of coronavirus-related complications
April 7, 2020: News12 Brooklyn
Joseph Migliucci, owner of Mario’s Restaurant, passed away leaving behind a family including 16 grandchildren. The Bronx Little Italy community will miss him and continue to honor his legacy. Read more, here.

Patriarch of Mario’s Restaurant Passes Away
April 6, 2020: News12 Brooklyn
Joseph Migliucci, the patriarch of Mario’s Restaurant, passed away from COVID-19 on the morning of April 6th. His smile, kindness, and presence will remain with us forever, and he will be missed by all. Watch the segment, here.

Where to Shop Online, Takeout or Pickup for Easter During COVID-19.
April 3, 2020: Stacy Knows
With Palm Sunday and Easter coming up people will still be able to get their favorite traditional foods thanks to many of the essential businesses in Bronx Little Italy. Customers can choose to take out orders or even get items shipped directly to their homes. Read more, here.

Fordham Prep raises $40K for St. Barnabas Hospital
April 3, 2020: Bronx Times
Fordham Prep recently launched Lunch for Life, where funds raised are given to our local Mike’s Deli, which will make and deliver delicious meals for the people working so hard at SBH Health System. Read more, here.

Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is just a click (or call) away for Easter staples
April 2, 2020: LoHud
Your Easter meal can still be fresh, delicious, and traditional, thanks to essential businesses in the Arthur Avenue neighborhood that remain open for take out and/or offer shipping. You may find pizza rustica at Mike’s Deli, fresh ricotta at Calandra Cheese, lamb from Vincent’s Meat Market, Easter bread from Addeo and Madonia Bakeries, and cheesecake and cannoli from Gino’s Pastry Shop. If you don’t feel like cooking, restaurants Antonio’s, Enzo’s, and MichaelAngelo’s are open for take out. Read more, here.

Independent pharmacy owners working around the clock
April 1, 2020: BronxTimes
While many people are working from home, laid off or furloughed, many were deemed essential and are now working harder than ever. Such is the case for Roger Paganelli, the owner of Mt. Carmel Pharmacy. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, the pharmacy has been making special accommodations including offering curbside pickup, waiving delivery fees, and offering pill packaging. Read more, here.

NYC & Company Launches ‘Virtual NYC’ Encouraging Digital Exploration of New York City
March 30, 2020: NYCGO
NYC & Company is highlighting way to experience the City’s iconic cultural scene. In Bronx Little Italy, visits the BIDs website for recipes from the neighborhood, information on where you can buy Little Italy in the Bronx Pasta Sauces, and great pictures of artisan products from a variety of local businesses. Read more, here.

Belmont bakery, neighboring business ensure they serve community during coronavirus outbreak
March 28, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
Madonia Bakery is open during the coronavirus outbreak, and continuing to provide their customers with fresh products and their employees with a safe working environment. The Belmont BID has created an online guide that shares updating information on the local businesses of the neighborhood. Watch the clips, here and here.

Support Little Italy and Shop (and Social Distance) with a Purpose
March 26, 2020: Bronx Times
For New Yorkers who practice social distancing and need to do their grocery shopping, the Bronx’s Little Italy is welcoming customers to the neighborhood as it has plenty of open air and inventory, the sidewalks are like aisles. While many of the eateries have been here for over 50 years, and experienced a lot of challenges, this pandemic has sent shortwaves and fear. Read more, here.

Bronx BIDs react to Coronavirus pandemic, provide hope for businesses
March 26, 2020: Bronx Times
The novel coronavirus is affecting people’s health as well as the economy and local businesses. During the pandemic, business improvement districts have stepped forward to provide support for businesses who are in dire need of assistance. The Belmont BID is alerting customers that many businesses offer shipping and curbside pickup. Read more, here.

Little Italy Recipes to Try at Home
March 20, 2020: The Bronx Socialite
Many people are currently staying home and cooking more than usual. Why not make some recipes straight from Bronx Little Italy, including pignoli cookies, manicotti, and red snapper!  Read more, here.

Where to Order Fresh Italian Groceries from Home in NYC
March 20, 2020: La Cucina Italiana
Now’s the time to order Italian food and other delicacies to your stoop. Since 1915, Teitel Brothers has been stocked with fresh olive oil, canned tomatoes, olives, and dried goods. They’re currently offering delivery and shipping.  Read more, here.

Bronx Little Italy is Open & Giving Recipes!
March 19, 2020: This is the Bronx
The Belmont BID wants you to know that many local businesses are open for their customers’ needs during this crisis. Remember to shop safely and support one of the City’s most lively immigrant communities. To help keep busy at home, the Belmont BID also has some neighborhood recipes you can try at home! Read more, here.

Arthur Avenue to have cleaning service indefinitely.
March 16, 2020: News 12 The Bronx
In an effort to maintain business as local merchants prepare for limited operations during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Belmont BID wants to assure shoppers that the neighborhood will have a cleaning service to keep common areas disinfected. Read more, here.

How Little-Italy Became Little Albanian-Mexican Italy
March 13, 2020: The New York Times
The New York Times covers how Belmont became the diverse thriving community it is today. Read more, here.

Owner of Enzo’s Discusses Being a Female Restaurant Owner
March 11, 2020: The Fordham Ram
Enzo’s has graced Arthur Avenue for the last 15 years. Maria Di Rende shares that after her husband, Enzo, passed away three years ago, no one knew what was going to happen to the restaurant. Although it’s not something she thought she would be doing, Maria has taken over and kept the restaurant running, not without challenges, especially as a woman.  Read more, here.

Businesses that Have Stood the Test of Time.
March 10, 2020: Crain’s New York Business
Teitel Brothers has been highlighted as a business in NYC that has stood the test of time. Read more, here.

Low season and hidden gems to promote lesser known New York                                                  March 10, 2020: La Voce Di Novara
For the Italian Speakers, La Voce Di Novara covers some of Arthur Ave’s highlights. Read more, here.

Strength and Love are Pizza Secret Ingredients at Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue.
March 5, 2020: La Cucina Italiana
Maria Di Rende, a mother of five, became a full-on restaurateur after her husband suddenly passed away. With hard work and family support, Maria preserved his legacy while introducing her own ideas to the business. Read more, here.

One Mom Does it All.
March 4, 2020: Bronx Times
The mom of five daughters runs Enzo’s at 2339 Arthur Avenue in Little Italy. With March being Women’s History Month, the Bronx Times convinced Di Rende to remove her apron and chat with us about her success. Read more, here.

Tourist Traps to Avoid When Visiting New York
Feb 26, 2020: Roamilicious
Tourist Mistake : Eat “Italian” food in Little Italy; Instead Eat in Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Read more, here.

Best Restaurants in NYC: 20 Iconic Spots You’ll Want to Try!
Feb 26, 2020: Traveling Mom
Café al Mercato and Antonio’s Trattoria were named in the Traveling Mom’s list of 20 Iconic NYC spots to try. Read more, here.

Arthur Ave Part 2
Feb 26, 2020: Vice
Vice heads to Arthur Ave you to check out some of its iconic shops and restaurants. Watch, here.

Arthur Ave Part 1
Feb 26, 2020: Vice
Vice heads to Arthur Ave you to check out some of its iconic shops and restaurants. Watch, here.

Celebrate Women’s History Month 2020 in NYC
Feb 19, 2020: City Guide
New York’s lesser-known Little Italy lies in The Bronx. Female-owned Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue offers a classic red-sauce Italian dining experience near New York Botanical Garden. Visit this welcoming family restaurant, run by born-and-raised Belmont local Maria Di Rende. Read More, here.

17 Presidents who Visited the Bronx
Feb 17, 2020: Welcome 2 the Bronx
As the land was being developed he needed to designate streets with names. Of course, Lorillard Place was a given, but his niece, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe, was a big fan of CHESTER A. ARTHUR, so she implored her uncle to name one of the streets Arthur Avenue after the 21st president. Today Arthur Avenue is synonymous with “the real little Italy” and was named Best Street in America by the American Planning Association in 2016. Read More, here.

Happy V-Day
February 14, 2020: WagMag
Arthur Avenue was cited as one of the top places to visit in NYC for Valentine’s Day by WagMag. Read More, here.

Iconic Restaurant Celebrates 100 Years
February 13, 2020: Bronx Times
Bronx Times highlights the 100-year history of Mario’s Restaurant. Read More, here.

Botanical Gardens Orchid Show
February 12, 2020: Spectrum News 1
Spectrum News 1 highlights the Botanical Gardens Orchid Show, which is only a short walk from Arthur Avenue and would make a great day or evening! Watch, here.

New York’s Real Little Italy
February 12, 2020: BBC
The BBC highlights the 100-year history of Mario’s Restaurant. Read more, here.

Celebrate Restaurant Week in The Historic Arthur Avenue Neighborhood of The Bronx
February 11, 2020: The Social
The Belmont Business Improvement District in the Bronx has launched the inaugural Little Italy in The Bronx Winter Restaurant Week. Little Italy in The Bronx Winter Restaurant Week. Running until February 13, the historic Arthur Avenue neighborhood in the Bronx has been noted for where to get the best Italian food, is worth the trek this week. Read more, here.

13 Touristy Restaurants That Are Actually Good
February 11, 2020: The Infatuation
Calabria Pork Store on Arthur Avenue was listed as one of the Infatuation’s 13 touristy restaurants that are actually good. Read more, here.

Where to Go And What To Do In The Little Italy Of The Bronx Avenue
February 7, 2020: Secret NY
Arthur Avenue (or the area of Belmont) in the Bronx, also known as “Little Italy in the Bronx,” has developed a very special, under-the-radar alcove of quality Italian restaurants, markets, bakeries and shops thanks to the generations of Italian immigrants who have lived there. Read more, here.

BronxNet Tv’s Foodie Down Bronx: V-Day on Arthur Avenue
February 6, 2020: BronxNet Tv
On this episode of Foodie Down Bronx, Em takes a trip to Arthur Avenue to explore the culinary delights of the Arthur Avenue Retail Market. While there he receives a lesson in Burrata making from David Greco at Mike’s Deli, and gets the inside scoop on some special Valentine’s Day activities. Watch, here.

Little Italy in the Bronx Launches Its First Restaurant Week
Feb 6, 2020: The Culture Trip

The ‘real’ Little Italy occupies the strip known as Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. In conjunction with Belmont Business Improvement District (BID), the restaurants that have made this neighborhood a historic destination will play host to the inaugural Little Italy in the Bronx Restaurant Week. Read more, here.

WNYW-NY (FOX)’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week
Feb 5, 2020: WNYW-NY (FOX)

WNYW-NY (FOX) covers all the happenings at Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week in its Society section. Watch, here.

New York Beacon’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week
Feb 4, 2020: New York Beacon

The New York Beacon covers all the happenings at Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week in its Society section. Read more, here.

News 12 Bronx’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week
Feb 4, 2020: News 12 Bronx

Check out News 12 Bronx’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week. Watch, here.

NYC: Look to the Bronx for the Little Italy Tourists Don’t Know About
February 4, 2020: Thrillist

Strolling down Arthur Avenue and the intersecting East 187th Street is a bit like time traveling. You’re transported to an era when merchants were called “merchants” and they made conversation with weekly customers, when patrons picked up their meats, mozzarella, and bread from dedicated shops. To the faithful, Arthur Avenue is a preserved piece of Old New York. Read more, here.

News 12 Bronx’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week
Feb 3, 2020: News 12 Bronx

Check out News 12 Bronx’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week. Watch, here.

NYC: Arthur Avenue in the Bronx Kicks Off Its First Restaurant Week
February 3, 2020: La Cucina Italiana

For the first time in its 125 year history, Bronx’s Little Italy will be celebrating a New York culinary tradition: restaurant week. From February 3-13, top restaurants of Arthur Avenue will serve customers three-course meals at a fixed price: $20 for lunch and $30 for dinner. Read more, here.

First Ever Little Italy in the Bronx Restaurant Week Launches Today
February 3, 2020: Untapped NY

It’s might be last week of New York City Restaurant Week, but the Bronx is launching today its first ever “Little Italy in the Bronx” Restaurant Week that will run form February 3 to 13th! Centered around Arthur Avenue, a hotspot for Italian cuisine with a long history, the prices are even lower than regular restaurant week at $20 for a three-course prix-fixe lunch and $30 for a three-course prix-fixe dinner (excluding gratuity, tax, and alcohol).   Read more, here.

NYC: BronxNet Tv’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week
February 3, 2020: BronxNet TV

Check out BronxNet Tv’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week. Watch, here.

Little Italy in the Bronx to Host First Ever Restaurant week AvenueNYC Espeak
Jan 31, 2020:
Little Italy in the Bronx will be hosting its first ever restaurant week from February 3-13. Read more, here.

NY1 ‘s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week
January 31, 2020: NY1

Check out NY1’s Coverage of Arthur Ave’s Restaurant Week. Watch, here.

Little Italy in the Bronx to Host First Ever Winter Restaurant Week
January 31, 2020: Bronx Mama

Little Italy in the Bronx will be hosting their first ever Winter Restaurant Week on weekdays from February 3rd to 13th. Diners have the opportunity to enjoy $20 three-course, prix-fixe lunch and $30 three-course, prix=fixe dinner at participating restaurants. Read more , here.

First Read Tonight
January 29, 2020: City & State NY

New York City Councilman Ritchie Torres and others attend the Belmont Business Improvement District’s press kickoff of the inaugural Little Italy in the Bronx Inaugural Winter Restaurant Week, Mario’s Restaurant, 2342 Arthur Ave., Bronx. Read more , here.

Little Italy in the Bronx Probably Has the Greatest Restaurant Week of All!
January 29, 2020: Luxe Life NYC

Valid Mondays through Thursdays from February 3-13, Little Italy in the Bronx Restaurant Week is a great time to head to the neighborhood and enjoy a three course lunch or dinner for a special price. Participating restaurants include: Ann & Tony’s, Antonio’s Trattoria, Arthur Ave Fiasco, Gerbasi Ristorante, Mario’s Restaurant, MichaelAngelo’s, MangiPasta, and San Gennaro Ristorante.   Read more, here.

20 of the most overrated travel destinations around the world
January 18, 2020: Business Insider

In a city a big as New York, you can find almost every time of cuisine. Many times you’ll be surprised at just how authentic it is. Talk to any local, and they’ll tell you that if you’re looking for real Italian-American food in New York City, head to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Read more, here.

Little Italy in the Bronx Restaurant Week
January 15, 2020: The Chef’s Connection

Often referred to as Arthur Avenue or the “Real Little Italy,” the Belmont neighborhood features NYC’s best, authentic Italian restaurants, butchers, bakers, fish markets, delis, pastry shops and specialty stores. The Belmont BID is launching the inaugural Little Italy in the Bronx Restaurant Week, starting Monday, February 3rd to Thursday, February 13th, where diners can enjoy authentic three course prix-fixe meals for lunch and dinner for $20 and $30 respectively. Read more, here.

11 Places to Eat in the Bronx’s Little Italy
January 13, 2020: PureWow

Many streets define a borough, in the Bronx, one of them is certainly Arthur Avenue. The family-friendly area has tons of delicious dining spots. 11 can’t miss locations to check out on your next visit include Addeo Bakery, Terranova Bakery, the Arthur Avenue Retail Market, Full Moon Pizza, Antonio’s Trattoria, Prince Coffee House, Delillo Pastry Shop, Artuso Pastry, Dominick’s Restaurant, Gerbasi Ristorante, and San Gennaro Ristorante. Read more, here.

Little Italy in the Bronx Restaurant Week will take place from Feb. 3-13
January 11, 2020: BronxTimes

Restaurants along the popular Arthur Avenue strip will showcase their wide variety of Italian cuisine as part of this inuagural event. The extravaganza will include eight local restaurants that are featuring a $20 three course prix-fixe lunch, a $30 three course prix-fixe dinner, and other options. Read more, here.

NYC is a Melting Pot of Global Cultures. Here’s Where to Experience Them.  
January 7, 2020: HI New York City Hostel

New York has always been an immigrant city, and many of the city’s neighborhoods continue to reflect this collective diversity. Arthur Avenue, an Italian enclave, is where DeNiro and Pesci met. In this real Little Italy, families still prepare food the old-fashioned way with ingredients from stores like Casa Della Mozzarella, Artuso Pastry Shop, and Calabria Pork Store. Read more, here.

La Casa Grande Cigars
January 7, 2020: NY2C  

La Casa Grande began as a small cigar booth in the world famous Arthur Avenue Retail Market and became a beautiful boutique factory with the finest selection of premium cigars in the Bronx. Their clientele includes locals, tourists from across the globe, and even distinguished visitors like politicians and celebrities. Read more, here.

Peter’s Meat Market
January 7, 2020: NY2C  

Inside the  Arthur Avenue Retail Market, you’ll find Peter’s Meat Market. Co-owner Mike Rella, didn’t always want to be a butcher, but after learning about the business and the customer interactions, it became a pleasure. Since the 1970’s, people love to see the fresh products and to know exactly what they’re getting. Read more, here.

BP Diaz kicks off 9th Annual “Savor the Bronx” Restaurant Week
January 6, 2020: The Bronx Chronicle  

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. celebrated the start of the 9th Annual Savor the Bronx Restaurant Week. The borough’s culinary institutions are second to none. From January 6th to January 17th , you can enjoy deals at Arthur Avenue favorites like Antonio’s Trattoria, The Bronx Beer Hall, Mike’s Deli, and San Gennaro. Read more, here.

Dining Deal: Fiasco
January 4, 2020: CBS New York

When it comes to really great Italian food, there are no shortage of amazing options in New York City, but really just one destination: Arthur Avenue. Tony Tantillo visits Arthur Ave Fiasco where there’s action in the kitchen and a very welcome dining room for flavorful Italian-American food. Read more, here.

Make Fresh Pasta Like A Chef from Arthur Avenue
January 2, 2020: BTR Today

Pasta making requires focus and finesse but offers rich rewards, especially in the dark and cold days of winter. Aurora Cerrato, chef and co-owner of MangiPasta, shares some recommendations for making restaurant-quality pasta at home. Split the labor with a food processor, and moisture level is key. Read more, here.












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