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March 2021

March 2021

Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue: Visiting The Bronx Little Italy
March 30, 2021: New York Street Food
This review of Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue raves about the delicious food and great service received at the family-owned Italian restaurant. Read more, here.

Mt. Carmel pharmacist discusses COVID-19 and the vaccine
March 26, 2021: BronxTimes
Vanessa Nalaboff, a pharmacist at Mt. Carmel Pharmacy and Surgicals in Bronx Little Italy shares how she is helping the community get vaccinated and get through COVID-19. Read more, here.

Mario’s in “What’s Up New York Restaurant Special”
March 25, 2021: NY2C
Mario’s Restaurant in Little Italy is featured in this restaurant special episode. All of the food is made fresh and come from family recipes. They point out the great Italian ambiance and the kindness of the staff. Watch more, here.

Exploring Arthur Avenue: The Bronx’s Own Little Italy
March 25, 2021: Mommy Poppins
This blog post does a “walking tour” around Bronx’s Little Italy and posts the best places to eat and shop. They mention MichaelAngelo’s, Casa Della Mozzarella, De Lillo Pastry Shop, Zero Otto Nove, Madonia Brother’s Bakery, Arthur Avenue Retail Market, Catania’s Pizzeria & Café, and Prince Coffee House. Read more, here.

Artuso Pastry Shop on WNYW-TV
March 19, 2021: WNYW-NY (FOX)
Check out Artuso Pastry Shop for its delicious pastries made especially for the Feast of St. Joseph. They are selling sfingi and zeppole in his honor! Watch more, here.

Mario’s Restaurant on NY1
March 19, 2021: NY1
The owner of Mario’s Restaurant, Regina Migliucci-Delfino, is interviewed on NY1. She talks about the pandemic and the issues with indoor dining capacity she still faces. Frank Franz, the treasurer of the Belmont BID, discusses the difficulty of small businesses, like Mario’s, to receive governmental assistance. Watch more, here.

7 old-school Italian Bronx bakeries that have survived depressions, recessions, and pandemics
March 17, 2021: Matador Network
The Belmont area of the Bronx is the undisputed Little Italy, and its bakeries reflect that old-school Italian tradition. This article highlights Artuso Pastry Shop, Gino’s Pastry Shop, Morrone Pastry Shop, and Terranova Bakery. Read more, here.

Gino’s Pastry Shop on WOR-AM Radio
March 17, 2021: WOR-AM
Len Berman and Michael Riedel give Gino’s Pastry Shop in Little Italy a shout-out on their radio show after receiving a delivery of pastries for St. Joseph’s Day. Listen more, here.

The Real Little Italy is in The Bronx
March 16, 2021: Falstaff
Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles, Madonia Bakery, Mario’s Restaurant, Casa Della Mozzarella, and Calabria Pork Store are among the many notable stops in Little Italy featured in this article on the authentic Italian area. Read more, here.

11 Family-Sized Lasagnas to Take Home in New York City
March 15, 2021: La Cucina Italiana
Antonio’s Trattoria has Lasagna Di Casa that you have to try! It is pasta sheets layered with ground meat, ricotta, mozzarella, Romano cheese, and plum tomato sauce. They are selling single portions, full trays, or half trays. Read more, here.

Easter 2021 – Safely Shop With Various Easter Offerings Available from Bronx Little Italy
March 15, 2021: Stacy Knows
“In advance of Easter, Sunday, April 4, the Belmont Business Improvement District (BID) is egg-cited to announce that a variety of merchants in Bronx Little Italy will feature a number of offerings available to help shoppers and visitors celebrate safely.” Madonia Bakery and Addeo Bakery will have Easter bread, Vincent’s Meat Market will have a variety of lamb roasts, Artuso Pastry will have Struffoli, and Gino’s Pastry Shop will have hand-painted marzipan lambs. Teitel Brothers and Cerini Coffee and Gifts will be selling Easter Eggs filled with a variety of items to fill baskets or decorate the table. Read more, here.

Why The Bronx Shouldn’t Be Underrated
March 15, 2021: Tracy’s New York Life
This blog post recommends checking out Little Italy if you are ever in The Bronx! The food on Arthur Avenue is known for its handmade pastas, Italian specialties, and fresh mozzarella.
Read more, here.

After long pandemic year, a changed New York shows renewal
March 13, 2021: The Associated Press
Arthur Avenue and its popular spots like the Arthur Avenue Retail Market and Artuso Pastry Shop are pictured in this article on the renewal of life in New York City as it has adapted to the pandemic over the past year. Read more, here.

Woman keeps family restaurant in business through struggles of pandemic
March 12, 2021: News 12
Regina Migliucci-Delfino, the owner of Mario’s Restaurant in Little Italy, discusses how the restaurant has been in her family for generations and hopes it will be around for another century.
Watch more, herehere, and here.

Increased Indoor Dining Capacity in NYC
March 11, 2021: FOX; CBS; NBC
On Friday, March 19th, NYC restaurants will be able to increase their indoor dining capacity to 50%. News crews were on Arthur Avenue speaking with Mario’s Restaurant, Emilia’s Restauarnt and Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue on the update. Watch more, herehere, and here.

Ways to Support the Wonderful Women of New York during Women’s History Month
March 9, 2021: WhereTraveler
This article celebrates women’s businesses in New York City. Mario’s Restaurant in Little Italy is featured! “Facing community upheaval when the pandemic hit, owner Regina Migliucci-Delfino assumed her role as queen (“regina”) of Belmont, continuing the traditions of Italian hospitality and family by donating everything she could from the kitchen to her staff and community.” Read more, here.

Avenue Gyro on WNYW – Fox-5
March 9, 2021: WNYW – Fox 5
Avenue Gyro is featured in this Fox 5 news segment. It highlights their delicious Mediterranean cuisine with gyros, kebabs, falafel, and more. Check them out as you enjoy the upcoming nice weather. Watch more, here.

Eat Like a New Yorker
March 4, 2021: Rachael Ray Mag
Check out the Little Italy in the Bronx product line of sauces and pasta if you want to really eat like a New Yorker! A portion of the proceeds go to the Belmont Business Improvement District, “which is dedicated to preserving the neighborhood and its traditions.” Next, you can visit or order from Teitel Brothers Groceries! It is a “tiny but mighty” store filled with imported tomatoes, meats, cheeses, and olive oils. Read more, here.

The Look Book Goes to S&T Auto Body: A Friday morning at the 46-year-old car-repair shop in the Bronx’s Little Italy
March 2, 2021: Curbed
David Greco, the owner of Mike’s Deli, and Paul Ramirez, co-owner of The Bronx Beer Hall, are featured in this look book in Little Italy. Read more, here.

COVID 1 Year: Daughter Looks To Carry On Father’s Legacy At Arthur Avenue Restaurant
March 1, 2021: CBS New York
Regina Migliucci-Delfino, owner of Mario’s Restaurant, is interviewed on CBS New York. She talks about her father, Joseph Migliucci, and his tragic passing from COVID-19. Watch more about continuing his legacy, here.

Regina Migliucci-Delfino – Mario’s Restaurant Stays Open and in the Family
March 1, 2021: Woman Around Town
Regina Migliucci-Delfino, owner of Mario’s Restaurant on Arthur Avenue, discusses continuing her struggle with COVID-19, reopening the restaurant, her father’s legacy. She says the most important thing she learned from her father was, “Never give up. Continuously do what he was doing. Treat the customers in the manner that he treated them and the way my grandparents treated them. Make them want to come and see me as much as they wanted to come and see him.” Read more, here.