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In the News 2018

Holy Cannoli: Why Little Italy is Thriving in the Bronx
December 12, 2018: NY 1

Arthur Avenue Food Tours creates an experience for locals and tourists to enjoy the most authentic Italian food and culture found in NYC. The Italian-American population of Arthur Avenue dates back to the 1800s. Galliani and Oteri, who grew up with close ties to the neighborhood, take tourists around to some of the most iconic locations. Read more, here.

29 Classic Restaurants Every New Yorker Must Try
December 7, 2018: Eater New York

Topping the list is Arthur Avenue’s Mario’s! Turning 100 this year, this family owned restaurant offers classic Italian dishes including linguini with red clam sauce and veal marsala. Oil paintings and Michelangelo statuettes adorn the interior. You won’t want to leave, so stay a while and end your meal with espresso and complimentary anisette or check out the dessert trolley. Read more, here.

12 Truly Old-School Red-Sauce Italian Joints in NYC
November 29, 2018: Eater New York

New York is a top spot for Italian-American cuisine. Number one on this list of delicious Italian dining options is Mario’s in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx. The article describes the restaurant’s shabby elegance, oil paintings on the wall, and statuettes of Michelangelo. Come try the red clam sauce and Roman spiedini. Read more, here.

A Perfect Christmas Outing At The New York Botanical Garden Train Show Then Lunch On Arthur Avenue
November 26, 2018: Forbes

One of the grandest family outings during the holidays in NY is the New York Botanical Garden’s Holiday Train Show in the Bronx. Just a few blocks away is the Belmont neighborhood, the Bronx’s Little Italy. Here you will find some of the most convivial Italian restaurants in the city including Mario’s, San Genarro, Tra Di Noi, Zero Otto Nove, Fiasco, and Mike’s Deli. You can also find noodles, fresh seafood, and the most delicious sweets at shops around Arthur Avenue. Read more, here.

In This NYC Neighborhood Every Day Is Small Business Saturday
November 24, 2018: WCBS Newsradio 880

The holidays are a thriving time for small businesses. However, Small Business Saturday, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, is nothing new for the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx. The shops and restaurants along Arthur Avenue, owned by residents or lineages of the neighborhood, are bustling everyday, not only during the holidays. Sal Biancardi of Biancardi Meats explains the importance of his shop to his family, dating back generations, and the relationships formed within the community over the years. Read more, here.

The “Real” Little Italy – NYC’s Best Kept Secret?
November 11, 2018: Here Be Barr

Here Be Barr goes to Arthur Avenue in the “real” Little Italy of the Bronx. Bread, pasta, cannoli, cheese, meat…he features it all! This one-of-a-kind neighborhood offers authentic cuisine, history, and family. John, along with Brandon of On The Bus Productions, gets a behind the scenes look at local bakeries, restaurants, and shops.  Watch the video, here.

Where To Go On a Saturday When You Want To Do Something But Don’t Have Any Plans
November 9, 2018: The Infatuation

Come to Belmont’s Arthur Avenue on a Saturday for cheeses, baked goods, or classic Italian sandwiches. The article suggests trying Calabria Pork Store, Mike’s Deli, and Delillo for sandwiches and pastries. For a sit down meal, try Zero Otto Nove or Antonio’s. Read more, here.

Albanian Rhapsody: A neglected cuisine gets a showcase in the Bronx.
November 4, 2018: Grub Street

Çka Ka Qëllu, a restaurant in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx, it’s name an Albanian expression of hospitality, offers a unique atmosphere and menu. Meaty platters, large loaves of bread, stews and savory pies are prepared by Chef Afrim Kaliqani. Brumat and clay-pot tava dishes adorn the menu. Don’t leave without ending your meal with baklava and Turkish-style coffee. Read more, here.

Visit One Of The Best (And Tastiest) Symbols Of A New York Neighborhood
November 4, 2018: Forbes

Madonia Bakery is a symbol of New York, notably the iconic Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Since 1918, this family-run bakery has offered classic Italian breads and treats. Over the years, recognizing the need for change, new products have been added such as chocolate-pistachio or jalapeno bread. Peter Madonia, now running the business, is a prominent figure in the Belmont neighborhood welcoming regulars but also tourists into the bakery to see where the magic begins. Read more, here.

NYC’s 2019 Michelin Bib Gourmands, Mapped
October 31, 2018: Eater New York

Michelin released their Bib Gourmands list for 2019, which include venues where patrons can order two courses along with dessert and wine for less than $40. This list is referenced internationally as a guide for dining. Featured on the list is Tra Di Noi at number 1, Zero Otto Nove at number 2, and Enzo’s at number 3. Read more,  here.

Baked Spaghetti with Ricotta
October 27, 2018: Wendy Polisi

Looking for a new weekday family dinner? Here you will find an easy Baked Spaghetti recipe incorporating Little Italy in the Bronx Sauce. This sauce, made with imported Italian tomatoes and gluten-free, simple ingredients, is perfect to add in to your quick, everyday recipes. As an added perk, you will also be supporting the culture and local businesses of the Bronx’s Little Italy! Read more, here.

Bronx Food Revival is Rewriting The Playbook on Gentrification
October 26, 2018: NPR

Bringing new ideas but maintaining the collective culture of the Bronx, restaurants are reeling in not ‘gentrification’ but ‘gentefication’. Locally inspired, radical alterations to tradition foods are being exhibited in the Bronx Night Market, Ghetto Gastro Collective, and Arthur Avenue’s Fiasco. Even in last month’s New York Pizza Festival, Zero Otto Nove challenged the norms for pie toppings adding short ribs, Tropea onions, and Calabrese chili oil. This new generation of food in the Bronx is described as “trendiness with soul.” Read more here.

First Annual New York Pizza Festival
October 22, 2018: Bronx Net

More than 30 restaurants from around the world were selected to participate in the New York Pizza Festival hosted by the Belmont Business Improvement District. Attendees describe all of the delicious pizzas they tried throughout the weekend. The first annual pizza festival was a success, and it plans to come back bigger and better next year! Watch more here.

Jenny Kroik’s “Arthur Avenue”
October 22, 2018: The New Yorker

The front of this week’s New Yorker magazine is inspired by Jenny Kroik’s visit to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx’s Little Italy. As she and her neighbor visited the many historic, personality filled stores in the neighborhood, she found inspiration at Egidio Pastry Shop. The cannoli, various other pastries, and her interaction with the lady behind the counter at Egidio led her to create the painting depicted on this week’s cover. Read more here.

First Ever New York Pizza Festival Kicks Off
October 6, 2018: Bronx News 12

Pizza is the greatest sign of friendship between New York and Italia. The Bronx pizza festival kicked off today with pies from all over the world! Check out some live footage here.

Pizza Festival 2018: From Naples to New York
October 6, 2018: Woman Around Town

The New York Pizza Festival is expected to attract over 20,000 people to the Bronx this weekend in search of some of the best pizza from all over the country, and even some from Naples, Italy. This event is sure to grow in size and popularity if the enthusiasm of this year’s first annual event is any indication. Read more here.

Whimsical Weekend Guide
October 5, 2018: Spoiled NYC

The New York Pizza Festival kicks off this Saturday, October 6, at 12pm. Come visit Crescent Avenue in Little Italy of the Bronx for pizza, beer, wine, and more at this weekend-long event. Read more here.

Pizzaiolo from Across the Globe Hit the Bronx for NY Pizza Fest
October 5, 2018: NBC

Pizzamakers from across the globe – all five boroughs, California to Georgia, and Italy – will feature some of their most delicious pizzas Saturday and Sunday in the Belmont Business Improvement District in the Bronx. Read more.

Some pizza pros are coming from Italy to challenge NYC’s slice supremacy
October 5, 2018: New York Post

Two pizza capitals go head-to-head at the New York Pizza Festival on Crescent Avenue in Little Italy of the Bronx. Six Naples restaurants alongside New York City pros will dish up some of their most amazing dishes. Check it out here.

‘Cent’anni!’ A Century of Sicilian Loaves in the Bronx
October 4, 2018: The New York Times

Madonia Bakery celebrates 100 years this month with three generations of management and three generations of customers. At the turn of the last century, Mario Madonia immigrated from the Sicilian town of Monreale. While Sicilian specialities gave Madonia bakery their start, various other baked goods have been introduced over the years drawing in regular customers including a favorite, large, soft sea-salt covered pretzels. This year, third generation, Peter Madonia re-entered the family business, now celebrating ‘Cent’anni’! Read more here.

10 Things To Do This Weekend
October 4, 2018: Grub Street

This news clip features some of the wonderful people who cook the delicious pizzas appearing at the first annual New York Pizza Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Watch more to get a glimpse of some of the mouthwatering flavors.

10 Things To Do This Weekend
October 3, 2018: Fox 5

This list of things to do features Pizza, Pizza as number 8. Check out the New York Pizza Festival featuring over 30 pizzerias from all over the country. Read more here.

New York Pizza Festival
October 3-16, 2018: Time Out New York

The two day event features pizza pies from over 30 pizzaiolo. Grab a beer or a glass of wine to pair it with! Come check it out October 6-7 on Crescent Avenue in the Bronx. Read more here.

Eat a Slice at the New York Pizza Festival
October 2, 2018: Time Out New York

The New York Pizza Festival features well-known pizza makers from both Italy and the U.S., including Carmine D’Amato. The event takes place on Crescent Avenue in Little Italy of the Bronx. Entrance is free, and tickets to eat and drink range from $20-$100. Check out details here.

New York Pizza Festival at Bloomberg Newsletter Festival Preview
October 1, 2018: Bloomberg

Come to Crescent Avenue on October 6-7 for the New York Pizza Festival. The event features over 20 Italian and U.S. pizza makers, along with beer, wine, and live music! Read more here.

What to do in New York City in October 2018
September 27, 2018: CNTraveler

From Chicago to Naples, pizzerias will pop-up in the Bronx’s Little Italy on October 6-7. New York’s Di Fara and famed Rossopomodoro will also be there. Enjoy mozzarella, prosciutto, and an authentic pasticcerie. What more could you ask for? Read more, here.

New York Pizza Festival
September 26, 2018: Time Out New York

New Yorkers expect the best from their pizza makers. This year, local favorites such as Di Fara Pizz and Zero Otto Nove plus those of other regions across the US and Italy will provide you with nothing less than the best! Crescent Avenue in the Bronx’s Little Italy will host 25 pizza masters along with beer, wine, and live bands. Read more, here.

NYC’s First Annual Pizza Festival Is Happening Next Weekend In The Bronx
September 26, 2018: Secret NYC

Love Pizza? Columbus Day Weekend, the Belmont Business Improvement District and the Pizza Academy Foundation will co-host the first ever NYC Pizza Festival in the Bronx’s Little Italy. The most renowned pizza makers from the US and Italy will bring their talents to one block for this two day event. Purchase TICKETS for food and alcoholic beverages. Read more, here.

New York Kids Weekend Events: Oct 5-7
September 25, 2018: Red Tricycle

We all know kids’ favorite food is pizza. Bring your family out to the first annual New York City Pizza Festival on Oct 6-7 on Arthur and Crescent Avenues in the Bronx. This family friendly event will show-case renowned pizza makers from the US and Italy. Don’t miss this event! Read more, here.

37 Things You Need to Add to Your NYC Fall Checklist
September 18, 2018: Pure Wow

Fall is just around the corner and so are dozens of events throughout NYC. Number 20 on the list is the New York Pizza Festival in the Bronx’s Little Italy. There you can enjoy pizza of pizzerias from NYC, across the US, and event Naples, Italy. Grab your sweaters because this is an event you do not want to miss! Read more, here.

New York City Events to Know This Fall
September 17, 2018: Travel Hilton

Sports. Food. Culture. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in NYC this fall. If September’s Italian festivals weren’t enough for you, then check out the New York City Pizza Festival on Crescent Avenue in the Bronx. On October 6-7, you will find a variety of pies from famed pizzerias. If you want a classic round tomato pie, Di Fara Pizza of Brooklyn will not disappoint. If smoked mozzarella with tomato, basil, and pancetta makes your mouth water, try Tony’s Pizza Napoletana of San Fransisco.  Read more, here.

The Art of Handmade Pasta
September 15, 2018: Tasty

Tasty visits our very own Borgatti’s to watch Chris Borgatti, artisan pasta maker, perform his craft. Here you can watch the mindful process of how perfect ravioli and spaghetti are made at Borgatti’s. Watch the video, here.

Where to Eat on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx
August 29, 2018: Food and Wine

Arthur Avenue is dubbed “The Real Little Italy.” The Italian culture of this neighborhood dates back over 100 years and is still thriving. Locals and visitors alike can spend a day stocking up on Italian goods from the stores and enjoying lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants. Check out some places you won’t want to miss on your next visit, here.

First Annual New York Pizza Festival
August 15, 2018: Epoch Times

Pizza and Columbus Day Weekend, how much better can it get? The first annual New York Pizza Festival will happen on Oct 6th and 7th in Bronx’s Little Italy (Crescent Avenue). It brings to you delicious pizzas throughout NYC, across the country and even from Naples, Italy. Among the participants will be New York’s Di Fara, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana from San Francisco, Chicago’s Spacca Napoli Pizzeria and Sorbillo Pizzeria from Naples and New York. Event is free to enter, TICKETS for pizza slices and drinks are available! Read more, here.

New York May Actually Be Getting a Legit Pizza Festival The Fall
August 15, 2018: Guest of a Guest

“…New York City is the pizza capital of the world”, so let’s embrace it! The first annual New York Pizza Festival to be hosted in the Bronx will be on Oct. 6th and 7th and is expected to be extravagant. This two- days event is set to take place in the Little Italy of the bronx. There will be tastings from notable and recognized pizzerias throughout New York and from other states. Admission to enter the event is Free, but you will need tickets for slices and drinks. Great ticket deals are offered through Sept. 9th. Read more, here.

Tickets Now on Sale for The Bronx’s FIRST New York Pizza Festival! 
August 10, 2018: Welcome 2 The Bronx

PIZZA during Columbus Day Weekend, sounds awesome right? The Bronx’s FIRST New York Pizza Festival will be held on Oct. 6th and 7th in the Little Italy of the Bronx. The two- days event is free to enter but you will need a ticket to eat and for drinks. In attendance will be renowned pizzerias from New York and across the country. Do not miss out on this exciting and spectacular event!Read more, here.

A New and Supposedly Improved Pizza Festival Is Headed for NYC.
August 09, 2018: NY Eater

A ‘new’ New York Pizza Festival is set to happen on Oct. 6th and 7th in the Bronx! In attendance will be Best Pizza and Di Fara from Brooklyn, Staten Island’s Denino’s, Long island’s Levante, Bronx’s Pugsley Pizza and Zero Otto Nove from Manhattan, just to name a few. Tickets are now available, $20 for 3 slices, $30 for 6 slices. Wine and Beer tickets, and VIP passes can also be purchased. Read more, here.

New ‘New York Pizza Festival’ Hopes To Avoid Fate of Last Year’s New York Pizza ‘Fyre’ Festival
August 09, 2018: Gothamist

The New York Pizza Festival is coming to the Bronx this fall! It is set to happen on Columbus Day Weekend, Oct. 6th and 7th, and is expected to be grand and a ‘one of a kind’ event. There will be pizza makers present from NYC, Chicago, Las vegas, Seattle among others. Event is free to enter. Get your TICKETS SOONEST FOR SLICES AND ALCOHOL! Read more, here.

A Legitimate New York Pizza Festival is Finally Coming to NYC
August 09, 2018: Secret NYC

The annual New York Pizza Festival is set to take place on October 6th and 7th on Crescent Avenue. It is the FIRST time being held in the Bronx. There will be delicious tastings from notable pizzerias throughout the state and country, and even some pizza makers directly from Italy. Lots of beer and wine, along with live music will be there too. Don’t miss out on these amazing two- days full of entertainment and be apart of PIZZA HISTORY!Read more, here.

New York Pizza Festival planners swear it won’t be like disastrous predecessor
August 03, 2018: NY Daily News

The FIRST EVER New York Pizza Festival to be held in the Bronx is coming to you this fall! This event will take place on October 6th and 7th on Crescent Ave. in Bronx Little Italy. Some of the top pizzerias from across the country and even some from Italy will be here to share their different styles of delicious pizzas. Also, a variety of beverages will be available including some fine wine. The event is free to enter. You can purchase your tickets for pizza slice and/ or wine/beer and join us for an EVENTFUL COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND!. Read more, here.

Arthur Avenue: Shop For Groceries Like An Italian
July 20, 2018: CBS New York

Elle McLogan, a CBS2 reporter and host of The Dig, along with her guide Beatrice Tosti, owner of East Village Restaurant, Il Posto Accanto took a culinary tour of “The Little Italy in the Bronx”. Tosti, a regular and satisfied customer of the many Meat Shops, Bakeries, Groceries and Restaurants on Arthur Ave. gives us an insight of what she buys and why she enjoys shopping in this neighborhood. Read more, here.

1st Annual New York Pizza Festival 2018
July 12, 2018: This is the Bronx

Belmont BID is expected to host its 1st Annual New York Pizza Festival over a two days display of marvelous pizzas from distinguished pizza makers throughout the U.S. and even some from Italy. It is expected to have a massive attendance of 20,000 people and more. Come on out and enjoy some tasty, delicious pizzas along with beverages and live music entertainment! Read more, here.

The Mozzarella Kings of New York
July 10, 2018: Complex

Casa Della Mozzarella, an Italian Deli situated at East 187 St and Arthur Ave, has been acknowledged for its notable Mozzarella Cheese. The deli, owned by a father-son duo, Orazio and Carlo Carciotto, take great pride in making their patented Mozzarella Cheese, one that is even considered a “work of art”. The Carciottos shared their unique story of success and provided us with a glance of the making of this special Mozzarella Cheese. Read more, here.

New York Corner- Mario’s
July 8, 2018: John Mariani

Mario’s, an Italian American Restaurant, located in Bronx Little Italy has made its appearance in famous author, John Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet Newsletter. This century old restaurant run by the Miglucci family was praised for preserving a traditional Italian setting and its warm welcoming atmosphere. The prominent author spoke on Mario’s menu and what it has to offer. Recommendation were even made on some “Must Try” when eating out at Mario’s! Read more, here.

Marketside Dining- Arthur Avenue Market
June 21, 2018: Go Mag

Arthur Avenue Market, located in the Little Italy section of the Bronx, was highlighted for establishing a vivid Italian culture along with its many authentic foods. This market consists of multiple favorite restaurants and shops, such as Cafe al Mercato, Mike’s Deli and Bronx Beer Hall, which provides a variety of specialized products for us to try. Read more, here.

A new New York Pizza Festival is coming, and this time it’s real
June 19, 2018: Metro

The New York Pizza Festival set for Columbus Day Weekend, October 6th and 7th,brings to you the taste of pizzas from remarkable pizzerias throughout NYC, other states across the country and even from Italy itself! Bring your family, friends, and YOURSELF to these two days full of live music entertainment, beverages and of course, some DELICIOUS PIZZAS! Read more, here.

New York Pizza Festival won’t be another “Fyre Festival of Pizza,” co-creator says
June 19, 2018: am New York

Get ready to eat your way around the country’s top pizzerias in Bronx Little Italy this fall! New York Pizza Festival will bring some of the most renowned pizza makers from across the country, and even several from Italy to Crescent Ave in the Bronx. At the outdoor festival, attendees will enjoy live entertainment, beverages, demonstrations and of course fresh pizza made right before their eyes. Read more, here.

Madonia Bakery celebrates 100 years of family cooking on the Bronx’s Arthur Avenue
June 18, 2018: am New York

Madonia Bakery, set right in the middle of Arthur Avenue, is celebrating its 100th anniversary! Peter Madonia, co-owner of the bakery shares how running the bakery has similarities to a previous career at City Hall. The bakery has a rich and interesting history, including how Peter Madonia Sr. was literally born into the business after a car crashed into the bakery sending his mother into labor three months early! Read more, here.

Belmont Street Fair Encourages Healthy Living
June 4, 2018: News 12 The Bronx

On Sunday, June 4 the Belmont BID partnered with SBH Health Systems and Councilman Torres to host “Picture a Healthier You”. The event was filled with fun activities like Zumba and yoga and health screenings. There were also bounce houses and face painting for kids. Read more, here.

Summer festivals in NYC range from a dragon boat race to an Italian feast
June 2, 2018: Daily News

The city is a great place to be in the summer as there are a ton of special festivals to attend. Ferragosto, held annually on Arthur Avenue, celebrates the end of the harvest season. Arthur Avenue celebrates the occasion with a festival of live music, Italian culture, and of course delicious food and specialty products from the local merchants. This year the event will be held on Sunday, September 9th from 12-6pm. Read more, here.

Madonia Celebrates 100 Years
May 30, 2018: Modern Restaurant Management

Arthur Avenue’s iconic Madonia Bakery is celebrating 100 years. Mario Madonia first immigrated from Sicily in the late 1890’s. He stared baking in communal ovens, became an appretince, and eventually opened up Madonia Bakery in 1918. 100 years later traditional breads are still served as our new innovative breads with jalapeno, and white chocolate cherry. In honor of National Olive Day coming up, the article even features their Olive Bread recipe! Read more, here.

La New York che profuma d’Italia: “Ma la vera Little Italy ora e nel Bronx”
May 21, 2018: Repubblica Sapori

The article, written in Italian, explores the changes Mulberry Street has seen and explains how Bronx Little Italy has become the “real” Little Italy. In the streets you can smell freshly baked bread from Terranova Bakery and Madonia Bakery. You can also visit Trattoria Tra Di Noi, where the chef used to be the personal chef of Italian film actress and singer Sophia Loren. Read more, here.

Italian cheese maker reflects during NYC Immigrant Heritage Week
April 18, 2018: News 12

Orazio Carciatto, who started working at Casa Della Mozzarella in 1986, reflects on his experience as an immigrant to the Bronx. He started out knowing nothing about cheese and became the best mozarella cheese makers in the city of New York. Watch him share his inspiring story.

22 Superb Sandwich Shops in NYC
April 11, 2018: Eater New York

Casa Della Mozzarella claims the number one spot on this list of 22 of the best places to grab a sandwich. The author recommends the cream-filled burrata and prosciutto with olives and peppers on ciabatta bread. Try it for yourself!

Six things you didn’t know about Arthur Avenue and Bronx Little Italy
April 9, 2018: 6sqft

The Historic District Council highlights six intriguing tidbits about the Bronx Little Italy. Learn fun facts about some of the neighborhood’s most popular spots, including Borgatti’s, Teitel Brothers, Mario’s, and the Bronx Beer Hall. Check out more information about Belmont’s unique past here.

Shoppers Head to Arthur Ave. for last-minute Easter preps
March 31, 2018: News 12 The Bronx

Those looking to purchase chocolate Easter eggs, cannoli, and marzipan head to Arthur Ave. Read more about these last minute purchases.

Boogie Down Bites: Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles
March 23, 2018: News 12 The Bronx

Borgatti’s Ravioli and Egg Noodles opened up in the Bronx in 1935. This family owned business has seen 80 years of success. It’s a great place to purchase ravioli filled with everything from meat to pumpkin to spinach. Check out more on this popular store.

Bronx’s Little Italy shines with fresh cheese, baked goods, pizza and more
March 16, 2018: New York Daily News

This article showcases the delicious mozzarella cheese, the irresistible breads and pastries, and the mouthwatering pan pizza. Visit this neighborhood to satisfy any of those cravings. Read more about these indulgent eats.

The Hidden Gems of New York
March 16, 2018: Jetline Cruise

Restaurants, artisanal food shops, and specialty stores make the Little Italy of the Bronx a prime destination for anyone looking to experience authentic Italian culture and community. Whether you want to find fine wine, delicious pastries, high quality meats, or fresh fish, all of this and more greets visitors of Arthur Avenue. Read more about this hidden gem.

11 Truly Old-School Red Sauce Italian Joints in NYC
March 13, 2018: Welcome2TheBronx

Mario’s in the Bronx Little Italy is featured as number 1. Originally founded as a pizza parlor in 1919, this restaurant is the oldest in the neighborhood. This elegant restaurant will take you back in time. Read more about this delicious Italian fare.

26 Images Showing The Bronx is Beautiful
March 10, 2018: Welcome2TheBronx

Many people view the Bronx in a negative light, but this article showcases 26 photographs meant to share the beauty of this borough that often gets overlooked. Check out the famous Belmont bakery, Addeo Bakers, featured in one of the images. This bakery has been in the neighborhood for over 80 years. Click the link to view these pictures for yourself.

Now that’s amore: 500 pounds of pasta fill up the world’s biggest bowl of pasta
March 9, 2018: wgno abc

Arthur Avenue’s, David Greco, traveled to New Orleans to make a huge bowl of spaghetti at this yearly event. The bowl is 8 feet across, and crowds gather to watch.  Click the link to read and watch a video showcasing this giant bowl of pasta.

Best Restaurants and Bars in the Bronx
March 2, 2018: The (Re)port

Roberto’s and the Bronx Beer Hall are featured on this list of best restaurants and bars in the Bronx. Try these places for yourself – enjoy an Italian dinner at Roberto’s and then head over to the beer hall for a local beer. Read more about these favorite local spots here.

Coverdell Fellow: Kelly Cannon ’19 and the Belmont Business Improvement District
February 19, 2018: Fordham IPED

This blog post was written by Kelly Cannon, a Coverdell Fellow at Fordham University and an intern at the Belmont Business Improvement District (BID). In this blog, she shares her experience interning at the Belmont BID. Click the link to read more about Kelly’s favorite parts of the job .

A Bronx Tale
February 16, 2018: American Trails

“A Bronx Tale” describes the sleepy small-town vibe that reigns in Belmont. Strong family ties and tradition prevail over innovation and change. It’s the most exiting and delicious neighborhood in the Bronx! Mike A. discusses his Bronx Tale themed mural, the chef of Tapas Italiano shares some famous dishes and Richard Liberatore discusses the pushcarts before the Arthur Avenue Retail Market came to be. Read more, here.

Belmont BID uses Instagram to Drive Foodies to Little Italy
February 2018: News 12 The Bronx

This news clip features the efforts of Alyssa Tucker, the assistant director of the Belmont BID, as she uses social media to draw foodies to the neighborhood. The @bronxlittleitaly Instagram account boasts over 14,000 followers. The pictures of restaurants, high-quality artisanal food shops, and specialty stores attract new and old customers to the neighborhood. Watch the clip to see how social media spreads awareness of the neighborhood.

Insider Tips On NYC Little Italy: Arthur Ave
January 2018: The First Online Beauty Magazine

This article provides a glimpse of some of the wonderful places to visit on Arthur Avenue. The author describes her first trip to the area including some of her favorite spots, such as Arthur Avenue Market, Madonia Brothers Bakery, Mike’s Deli, Dominic’s and more. She also gives great tips for people visiting the neighborhood for the first time, including the best ways to get to Arthur Avenue. Read about more great places to visit in the neighborhood.

NYC street to be renamed after heroic soldier who died in massive Bronx blaze
January 22, 2018: Historic Districts Council

In the wake of the Prospect Avenue fire that took 13 victims, more than $300,000 has been raised to aid the families affected. The money was raised in partnership with Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Catholic Charities, and the Belmont Business Improvement District. Councilman Ritchie Torres detailed plans to honor a street in the borough for the heroic Army private who died saving lives in the inferno. Emmanuel Mensah raced in and out of the burning building at least three times bringing others to safety. Mensah’s father, Kwabena Mensah, states ‘its means a lot” and “he is a hero.” Read more, NYC street to be renamed after heroic soldier who died in massive Bronx blaze.

Introducing the 2018 Six to Celebrate!
January 16, 2018: Historic Districts Council

The Historic Districts Council has selected the Belmont BID as an organization to work with for its 2018 Six to Celebrate program! Together we will work on capturing the essence of the neighborhood. We will undertake a series of oral histories with key constituents and develop an official tour of the area, as we want to ensure our rich history is not forgotten. Read more, Introducing the 2018 Six to Celebrate!.

Broadway’s A Bronx Tale to donate to help families affected by December 28th Bronx Fire
January 11, 2018: A Bronx Tale

The Belmont BID is happy to share that the producers of Broadway’s hit musical, A Bronx Tale, will make a donation of $4.00 for every ticket sold to performances from January 16 through January 21 through The Child Reach Foundation to help families affected by the fire that burned the apartment building located on Prospect Avenue on December 28th. The full press release can be read here, Broadway’s A Bronx Tale to donate to help families affected by December 28th Bronx Fire.

Eating Your Way Around The Bronx’s Little Italy
January 2, 2018: Culture With Travel

At the turn of the 20th Century, a wave of Italian immigrants began moving to what is now known as “The Little Italy of the Bronx.” The majority of businesses in the area are considered local institutions, as most have been in the same families for generations. Many of the restaurants buy from the local specialty shops which adds to the authenticity of the neighborhood. At Antonio’s Trattoria you can order Borgatti’s ravioli. Other recommendations include the red velvet cake from Artuso Pastry and the arancini from Michaelangelo’s. Read more, Eating Your Way Around The Bronx’s Little Italy.

Getaways TV Show
January, 2018: Getaways TV Show

Getaways TV show came all the way from Ireland to visit Bronx Little Italy! They learned about why our neighborhood is considered the “real” Little Italy and watched mozzarella be made at Mike’s Deli. Watch the show with the password: getaways Watch here, Getaways TV Show.